PIctures of my love that I cherish and want to share with you all

in #life3 years ago

These are random photos of my Babyloooo ( @lynncoyle1 ).......... We have shared so many laughs and tears and tribulations that I want you all as my Steemit friends to see that smile. its only photos here but you who know her and her big heart here deserve to share in these photos with me.

Love you all my friends


I like this one way better than your damn clown post!

but the shower?! Geez, have you no shame? :) xo

At least he cut it off and didn't need to use the NSFW

Fair enough! I'm sure he was tempted haha

That's a very cool selection of photos for you to share... I can see where you both always have that smile on your faces when your around each other! Very cool :)

I heard, on the steemit grapevine, that there were some photo's getting around of @lynncoyle1 in the shower. Now, I didn't believe my ears so did some research and sure enough...The rumours were true. There must be something wrong with my broadband though as the image cuts off around the shoulders...

You cheeky bugger @briancourteau you'll be sleeping in the doghouse tonight bro.

lol nice one. hey my other blog is to scare her, have a look and comment. you will see what i mean

I got a good laugh out of the first one (nice fun)
the last on is a nice picture very nice

The others , what the hell no tats

I think both of your should open a new account called "smileycouple" because of your natural smile in all your photos.
What is the name of the big tree, and it's age ?
Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely lifestyle

check my other post about clowns please

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Just beautiful. You and her ( but she is definitely prettier :) ) Thanks for sharing Brian :)

@lynncoyle1 is so gorgeous and you two are a beautiful and happy couple <3