A Poem Of Love to all My Steemit Friends

in #life2 years ago

I appreciate everything that you have done
so very helpful and plus you have made Steemit fun
From the beginning as I told you of the cancer and things about me
You have read and listened and stoodfast like a strong Oak tree

You offer so many thoughts and kind words
You read and think and listen about my talk of the birds
You all are a strange breed and extremely rare
Because you all really pay attention and seem to listen and care

Everything you do, I respect and I am amazed
You all are my friends and I offer so much praise
I wish to say thank you to you all from deep in my heart
For all of you in my life shall forever play a big part

My love and me now feel the friendship that abounds
From words to help and even the music sounds
Yet I know today what I have known all along
That I wish I could remember you all by writing a song


You all are a strange breed and extremely rare

You are too. That's why I like you so much :) xo

the guy is happily married

@lynncoyle1 Yea I have a weird sense of humor . But it makes me laugh 😎

Very touching poem there brian, a lot of people have made steemit fun for me also. So much can be said with so little, hope you had a good day.

You too my friend. so grateful for your friendship

".....make it simple
To last your whole life long
Don't worry that it's not good enough
For anyone else to hear
Just sing...."


beautiful words. thank you

Yep. Those would be the words of The Carpenters. :) Good to hear from you Brian. Tell your lovely lady I said hello. :)

Quite a nice one @briancourteau.
You have made steemit fun for so many too here. A great day to you and courage brother.

thanks as always my friend

Thank you @briancourteau. It's such an honor being able to help such good people like you and @lynncoyle1. Keep going strong, and I know many in here get so much inspiration from you two :)

thats nice to hear but it all of you that motivate me

You are too kind. You were one of the first people to reach out to me on steemit with encouraging, helpful, and kind words. When I was at one of my lowest points, you helped me look forward. You gave me hope in true ❤️ love , you gave me hope in being happy. You showed me that even when things are bad .... there is still some good. Thank YOU and your love.

Thank you ansd always here for you. always

awww....yes some of us a strange breed indeed. How do you put up with us LOL . <3 You even get @wolfhart to joke that's a rare feat.

This is lovely.

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