Screw in my Tire = Bummer!

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Life is tough sometimes. Today, I noticed one of my truck tires was deflating so I took a closer look at it… as you can see, there is a screw in the tire! Bummer!



There are many things I would rather spend $150 on than a new tire, but that is sometimes how life works. Just like the stolen bike situation from a couple of weeks ago, things are not always fair or fun, but you just need to get over it and move on.

I just hope I accidentally ran over the screw on the road, and there isn’t a crazy person out there seeking revenge! (such as a grudge holding ex-girlfriend, someone I cutoff on the road, a PETA member who doesn’t like my fishing blog posts, etc) Have I ticked anybody off lately, besides my wife?? 🤔🤔

Oh well, I guess I will just have to buy a new tire…


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Bummer, man. We have had more than our share of nails and screws in our tires over the last few years. It is never fun. Here's hoping this post earns enough to pay for it!

Yikes! And the most likely suspect out of the list might be a PETA member haha

Hehe, yes, I agree!

It's big problem when we drive our vehicle and the tire of vehicle damage for this kind of shit. But we often keep up with this kind of problems and drive our car.

How are you my friend? are things that happen is very difficult to know what we have on the road maybe was there and your tire step up had to go at least it was just a rubber so to work and change everything will be good on the road are things that pass

I had, along more than 40 years, several flat tires due to nails or screws and this is something that every car owner must face. The only way to escape is what I did: I sold my car...

Don't buy a new tire, man! You can have that fixed up in less time than it would take to put on a spare. All you need is a plug kit and a compressor to inflate the tire up again.

I just did one in my driveway the other day after work.

Your flat is the best kind to have because it is easy to find the puncture.

You don't plug holes in the sidewall like this. That's how you get blowouts on the highway. If it's in the middle of the tread, that's a different story, but this is not a good spot... Stay safe.

Sad situation you're right you get to buy a new tire these are things that can happen

In my country there is a crisis in terms of tires you can also see how on the road people put nails for cars to spy on tires and the moment they are changing they steal people from their belongings trsite situation

Oh so sad news . Your tire is leaking big . I think about that you buy new tires . This is the right choice .
Thanks for sharing @brian.rrr

Oh, very bad. Life is very difficult. We often face many probems. The screw really enter on your tire and make it useless. Though it's bad for you but thanks for sharing with us.

Ahhhhh screw It you can get another tire. Lol

Hurt that rubber has more than half of life, suddenly it was something fortuitous, but those problems are sometimes the salt of life I think life without problems would be very boring, good to buy a new tire and as the saying goes " if lemons fall from the sky you have to learn how to make lemonade "a big greeting for you with great respect. Many successes will come to your life @ brian.rrr

hate to think someone did it on purpose , but my hubby finds screws under his car sometimes , he sweeps the bit of road to make sure now !

The rubber looks pretty new, it's a real pity what happened, but you'll see that it was just a fortuitous event, it's time to change the rubber and move on.

Every one has a bod time but it will ends soon take care @brian.rrr

buy new tires the right choice

Really, if leaking this big, should be replaced with new tires, let alone truck cars, @brian.rrr

Friend, how are you? sure was in the way you got on the road, as you say things that happen and you have to move forward, if you were in Venezuela what happened to you here they do to steal cars they throw things at the roads to stop and the they steal, I'm sorry you have to buy a new tire

Greetings to your family

That the rubber is punctured to you is so unfair, however, it must be repaired or changed.
The best thing would be to acquire a new one but the budget is the one that decides.

A tire almost new, is a total pity. But you should invest in ours.

hahaha ... finally bought a new tire too.

The screw really enter on your tire and make it useless. Though it's bad for you but thanks for sharing with us.should be replaced with new tires, let alone truck cars, @brian.rrr

You are a bad steemian. Always copy others comment. I will report about you.