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RE: 2018 Society of Cosmetic Chemists Dinner Dance - Huntington Beach

in #life6 years ago

Looks like you guys had a great time! Good times in sunny California! We are so fortunate to be here and you are a lucky dude! I think we should make some Cabernet-braised short ribs with veal bone reduction, paired with herb buttered prawns, spinach risotto, and broccoli with carrots one of these days and play Three Dragon Ante. Well.. maybe one of those things. You two looks great! ;-) Good Post Kyle!


@brainpod! So good to see you drop in. Bring some of those games over and let's play!

@itskyle, We can get some board and card games going for my reviews for sure... and co-op video games! Grab the Forest, that could be great fun! Crazy Cannibals!

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