2 Minutes with the Farmer Vlog #100: Don't Drink and Drive!!!

in #life4 years ago

Today on 2 Minutes with the Farmer we are sharing a true story on why it is never a good idea to drink and drive and lead the police on a four county wide car chase. Especially if you are going to drive through a farmers fence and get stuck in his woods. True Story! Hope you all enjoy the video.

Thank you for spending 2 Minutes with me!

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Handy to have some heavy equipment close by, hahaha. Shame about the fence :(

It was very handy. Fence is all back up.

lol! wow that's a great post my man!
very exciting last night, and he chose to go through YOUR fence to try and escape lol. but he couldn't outrun the dogs. so glad that no one was hurt, even glad the drunk guy wasn't hurt, glad he didn't hit any cattle too.
thank you sir!

Yes that is a great news no one was hurt. Everything else is replaceable

Excitement there in the hills!! What is going to happen to that van?

A tow truck came and got it this morning.

Excitement there in
The hills!! What is going to
Happen to that van?

                 - simms50

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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wow that's a pretty crazy scene!!! lol

Wow not really sure what to say, very very lucky. At least the whole situation made for a great vlog 🤣

Yes that is the bright side

What an experience! It could have turned out badly. Glad he didn't get hurt and none of the animals were harmed. I would hope he thinks twice before drinking and driving again. This will be a costly experience.

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