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Hi guys!

I hope you are fine and ready for the third and last gem point to have and care for your success.

The third gem is very interesting because is the most common to all of us but how we use and trust it in our lives may differ from person to person! All in all we need and live by it.



It holds all our lives and so everything we do.With time everything comes and goes, this is your third gem point to have and care for success.


What to do

Here we are going to talk about time in our goals and investment. We have two parts of time here as follow:

The time of Will/Commitment/investment.

Our Will (commitments/investments) towards reaching our goals needs time be successful , the time to start, grow and succeed.Therefore
you must be patient with time in reaching your goals .Your success is not reached by overnight commitments .

They say:

"Time is what makes babies in wombs"

"Even if you have 5 wives , they can't give you a baby for one month"

You should work had and give your investment time to grow .I am sure it wont take that longer before it starts getting better.

Determination Time.

It is true that we must be committed to our goals and investment but that should have time to hold us and stop us if that goals we aimed are not about to happen or completed.This means you cant spend all your life to insist on one goal even if you have seen it that is not possible , you should have time limit unless goal is applicable.

One thing to remember that success is hidden within your life, you have to find a way to reach it but not only one way, you should try as many ways you can until you get it.

Most people fail because they insist on one goal that have never worked in their lives while they could be succesfull if they would have spent half of that time on other careers or goals .And most successful people, they are what they are because they didnt spend all their time on careers that didnt work for them, instead they used what they had as stairway to be successful.


That was last gem point you need to have and care for your success.
Now you have learned all the three gem points for your success.If you combine and use them with care , there is nothing to stop you from finding your fortune!!


Thank you for reading!
I wish you the best success ever!

By @bornprince!
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