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It has been a lot of rain since last week. 

For a few days without rain, it was too hot and it rained endlessly again. I felt little down because it was raining too much. I felt discomfort even though I just took a shower because it was too hot and humid. Today, it stoped raining again. Many people who enjoy shopping were in the shopping street near my apartment, but the weather was still too humid. I just came out to go to cafe. 

I was looking outside through the windows of the cafe and looked at the people. I remembered the last shopping I enjoyed before the rainy season came. It was so bright day. It was the day I found a place with beautiful birches in the yard. After shopping, I stayed in the yard for a while. I missed the place, the time.

I will go there next week...

I found a funny picture that I stared at the camera with a grimace because of dazzling sunshine. I don't know why that day comes to a special now. I just remember it was a very good day.

Before going back home, I had cha-shu ramen. It's a Japanese style marinated pork ramen. The Japanese restaurant was small. There were only 5 tables, but the taste of the ramen and the dumplings were awesome. It was so yummy.


Aaaah nice to hear from you after so long. ☺

Hello :D where were you? I'm missing many old steemit friends. :) thank you for calling me. @onetree

I think we must have been posting at different times. It was nice to see your blog again. 😊

And a lot of newbies. :) See you in your blog again very soon. :) @onetree

The rain and hot and humid weather can be a real downer. Just hang in there and before long it will be the fall and hopefully better and cooler weather. In Hawaii it has been unusually dry with very little rain. Everything is getting brown. I too am looking forward to the fall. I know you will be able to enjoy your special day again when it cools. You should plan for a long visit to enjoy the surroundings.

Your food looked so delicious and I was so happy to see the inside of the bowl. At least you had an enjoyable meal. By the way I looked up the Dragon Quest Builders...it looked really fun. My daughter and her boyfriend just bought into a kick starter game that will open around July of next year. It is called Re...Legend. It is suppose to be a really good game. So I may be playing that next year.

Please take care. Think of cooler weather and maybe it will come. I hope so. Have a great Sunday! :D

I feel the fall comes faster this year. Hope to enjoy summer little more without raining. :) I searched the game Re:Legend by the way. Characters were cute. :) I think you'll probably like Dragon Quest Builders if you like Re:Legend. :) Have fun!! @cabbagepatch I'm going to play game with chips now. :)

Have fun and enjoy your games :)!!!!!

We're fortunate here in England that the rain doesn't bring humidity very often. It brings freshness and relief from the heat in summer. I can't stand humidity, I wilt.

It can be miserable in winter with so much rain, however.

Wonderful post and pictures. Thank you :)

I want to get the weather from England. Humidity ...I really hate it. n.n

Ah, but you get the sunshine... we've not had so much of that this year. ;)

The lamp shade is wonderful^^

^^ Have a nice day. @neojew

Glad u appreciated your #Pork ramen. I was looking at your pictures here, & I do like the Paper lanterns.. There's so delicate looking.

When I was child, I used to do the #Japanese paper folding art. (Guess 'cause I am artistic, I liked it a lot). Anyway, I've eaten #dumplings on occasion - out at the farm (my sister in-law's place), I had some #PLUM dumplings!

They were good; I was full when I arrived home that nite !

Yes, I do. I also liked the Japanese style paper lanterns. :)

Great post and amazing pictures 😊 seem like a good day. Upvoted and following

It's raining outside in India now. too much cold and rainy water. But i am enjoying it.

Good job my freind

Resteemed :-)