The Road / Life Story with Photography

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I drive the road once or twice a year that I have mixed feelings.

Feeling that wasn't forgotten over time was scattered over the road. I left home without eating breakfast because I had to get there before four o'clock. It was about three hours away, but I had to consider the traffic jam because it was a vacation season. Fortunately, there wasn't much traffic jam. This year my friend helped driving and I was able to go sometimes staring at the green trees and the sky. I was grateful to my friend who was with me.

We stopped by a service area to eat something. There are fast foods, coffee, convenient store and restaurants. After a 15 minutes break, we left again.

I arrived at 3: 30 pm. The air was still so good there. Every time I went, the weather was clear and it was so fresh. The place has a good environment as well. I really appreciate it.

I was little relaxed when leaving the place. It was getting dark.

I pressed shutter unintentionally on the way. I might have wanted to show the pictures to someone. I stopped at another place and came back to the road. It was already dark. I just took a few more pictures with a peace of mind. I upload pictures that my heart stayed. If I have to remember everything in a minute and a second, it will be harder than anything to live. I am spending another day remembering many things and forgetting many things again. I appreciate it. I ended the day with a beer.


It is always nice to take a road trip. I use to do that when I lived on the Mainland of the US. In Hawaii, the road trip is going in circles. I always feel it is nice to have someone with you when you drive, not only for the company but for the sharing of the driving. Glad you could rest and relax and enjoy the sights.

It sounds like there were some mixed feelings. Past events always tend to creep up and haunt you but you have to release the past. I learned the hard way and realized I just wasted my time and energy. Once I got rid of the emotions, I was able to better enjoy the present moment. I hope you will too. You have too much going for you to not move forward.

I hope your vacation is providing you with the rest you need. Enjoy and be happy Bontonstory. You are worth it! Please take care! ...... Cabbagepatch :D

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! @cabbagepatch Hope you enjoyed the view. :)

I am the Great Cornholio! I'm a gringo!

Ending the day with a beer is always nice. At my age, all I need is a beer or two and I'm ready for a nap at anytime lol.

LOl Think you have a cool best friend. :) @old-guy-photos

It seems a really great trip, I will love to plan such trip very soon and update my followers here at steemit.

Have a good trip!!

Thanx dear.

That view though! 😍🙈 it must have been such a beautiful drive, especially with the scenery!!🌈🌟

Glad you enjoyed. 😍

This post is a bit like a roadmovie, love the views! :)

Beautiful place and nice captured....👌
Following you for more.👍💐💐

beautiful pics bontonstory

You know you just hit 5000 posts? :)