Signs you are a bad friend

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Have you ever wondered if you were a bad friend? If maybe you could improve yourself to be a better friend. I am going to give you a few examples of what makes a bad friend. keep in mind this isnt a complete list but it should get you started in becoming a better friend. 

1. you are projecting your negative qualities to your friends

We have all had that one friend that loves to gossip about other people. We forget that some people dont like to gossip and we should respect that. Don't forget that over time people will get tired of hearing the gossip and eventually pull away from you.

2. blaming a criticizing others instead of being accountable 

you truly believe that nothing is your fault and you are always right. instead of encouraging them you tell them they are always wrong and they cant do anything right.This is very hurtful for people and should be avoided. We must remember people have feelings and if we dont respect their feelings we wont have them as a friend for very long. 

3.  Using your friend only when you need them 

I have experienced this in my own life. if you are only talking to someone when you need help or advice you can almost guarantee they will stop answering you or their immediate question is "what do you want?". Dont be a user because its not cool and more importantly it makes you look really bad. 

4. Avoiding responsibility 

If you agree to share responsibilities with a friend then do it. Dont just sit there and let them do all the work while you watch. It is better that you dont commit to anything if you cant be responsible. Rember your word is the only thing in life that you truly have and the only thing you will have after you die. 

5. You dont consider their feelings

Remember words do matter and your words can actually hurt people worse than any knife could do. Stop for a moment and actually think about what you are going to say and determine if that could hurt your friend. We sometimes dont even notice when were hurting someone but the good news we can improve that with a little effort.

6. Dont be a show off 

Do you have that one friend that tells you they do it better than you can? If you are like that you should stop immediately. while it may be funny at first I can promise you that it wont be very funny for long. Instead you should encourage and support your friend. 

7. You dont listen to your friends. 

Their opinions dont matter to you and all you think about is when will they be done so you can talk about what matters to you. This is very toxic in a friendship because a friend should go both ways. If you want them to listen to you then you should return the same favor. 

8. You never stick to your word.

As i said earlier your word is your bond. if you say that you are going to do something then do it. otherwise people wont believe you or feel like they cant rely on you. Its also about mutual respect. Remember the are taking time out of their day for you and you should do the same for them. 

I hope this helps at least some of you. leave a comment about what you feel is a bad friend. I would love to read your feedback Oh and remember to ALWAYS be kind to others as it is so important in life.



My philosophy of life has been to treat others how I expect to be treated.

Always be kind to others. I do agree with that. :)

Hello, gheghenrv from Kryptonia.

You become a bad friend if how your friend treated you too.

Yes, we have to choose our friends wisely, the one with good influence to us not the bad ones.
Thank you for sharing.

My kryptonia id @rosemaritess

Nice post, Nothing matter if you wont help them when they need you. @Dhaneshpk

sometimes their are people fun of using your goodness. I love making friends at all! Kryptonia @reatimtim

Am always a good friend not a bad one@christiano199

Checking on the signs you have listed, i considered my self as a good friend. I always see to it that i wont hurt my friends. Upvoted, commented by rubelynmacion of krypto

Good advice :-)

kryptonia id is @gracealone
A man of many companions may come to ruin,
but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Prov.18:24

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