I'm back! They're Back And They're FANT4STIC, B!tches

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Seems like, in the time since we last "spoke", #Steemit has had a bit of an update. I missed out on all of the headache at least - serendipity abounds it would appear!

Straight off the bat. Disney now owns all rights to their (Marvel's) intellectual property and have got their characters back from 20th Century Fox. Above all else, it means we can soon see X-Men (and there's a lot of them), Deadpool and of course the Fantastic Four (FF) incorporated into the MCU. It's no secret that, in an effort to stem the damage limitation to their brand caused by the awful FF films being produced by Fox, Marvel simply, outright cancelled its run of the #FirstFamily!!

There were tales circulating the interwebs and by word of mouth of Fantstic Four stock being taken down in shops; of punters being denied entry to comic conventions with FF memorabilia on, and staffers being unable to talk about whether the FF would return or not. I for one am glad they're back! The Fantastic Four were never in my top 5 (or top 10) heroes or comic book teams. They were just all white and all right and I couldn't relate. Considering I found (proper) comics in my teens, the allure of teams like X-Men with a female, frohawk (and depowered) leader were all too much to ignore. It wasn't until I read stories of their exploits within the pages of Secret Wars (I), where I began to make earnest forays into their stories. As a teenager, reading years later, about an invisible, 2nd stringer becoming Malice, this story had all the ingredients to hook me into the combined inter-familial power of this cosmically augmented team.

Issue 1, Jen Bartel variant

August 8th 1961 was the date the Fantastic Four first hit comic book stands in concession stores around North America. Debuting in glorious quadro-colour (TM), Jack Kirby (RIP) and the eponymous Stan Lee published these fantastic other worldly tales of wonder, science and (a lovingly dysfunctional) family, just like any one else's. The FF have thwarted all the big names in the game from Galactus to Doom and the Mad Thinker to The Beyonder, the latter, with help from the wider Marvel Universe (MU). Their significance and prominence is felt throughout the MU as they've had run-ins with Prince Namor of Atlantis and the Super Skrull, where the former has never truly been defeated, as Sue Storm, in a bid for his help, has had to admit to an attraction to the lascivious, aquatic playboy. The Skrulls are about to take the stage in Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain Marvel (March 2019). I doubt the Super Skrull will make an appearance. We already know that Ronan The Acuser; he of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, will be making an appearance in said film. So many of these characters have been the nemeses of the FF before finding lesser heroes to thwart throughout the MU. Why, The Underminer from Pixar's The Incredibles is based on Mole Man, the eponymous villain of the FF who's vowed to take down the world above for the sake of his beloved "Moloids", subterranean, mole-human hybrids that he rules over..

What is the fate of our indomitable Dr Doom?

One can clearly tell, just from a choice selection from their roster of rogues, how impactful this team, this group, this family has been for over nigh on six decades. With Disney 'strong-arming' the media world into relinquishing their properties, we, the ever adoring public, can begin to enjoy their interstellar (-dimensional-galactic-national) adventures again with fresh eyes and renewed glee, with anticipation of what #Marvel will bring to bear for their erstwhile stalwarts. I started writing this a month ago after reading Fantastic Four no.1 and I loved it. I scored it 5/5 🕺🏿 for it's energy, punchiness, unexpectedness and bravery. It was an entire issue that:

  • Had unanswered questions from Marvel Two-In-One running concurrently
  • Got a character to make a move that has been years in the offing
  • The FF didn't even show up until the final two pages...and even then, not in full.

One Mr Benjamin Grimm is not impressed with someone.

But the reaction of the world on the last panel, encapsulated how I felt about their return. As excited and invested in the book as I am about their return, I strangely enough still don't think they'll rank in my Top 5 characters or teams. As I age and mature gracefully, I expect my characters to grow with me, somewhat and if they don't for some unknown reason, age; then I want them to either adapt to the times or represent something that made me love them in the first place. Is that contradictory? No, I don't think so. I believe the characters we love should be as complex, diverse and intricate as the world in which they reflect. I love Reed Richards for being a member of the Illuminati. I love Sue Storm for moving out from underneath Reed to cast her own shadow. I love Johnny Storm for being impetuous and foolish whilst being open and earnest. And I love Ben Grimm for getting back up each time after getting knocked down and then knocking those down who thought he'd stay down!!

Whatever could Reed be referring to, and why is Medusa and Wolverine behind him? 🤔

The FF are amazing, they're F4NTASTIC and they're back, bitches.
Check back here for the review of their first story arc...I read too damn much to review every issue!


Very excited to see a terrific review. I've been away from Steemit for too long. The effort has been directed elsewhere for the time being.

Take care mate.


Thanks @nickmorphew! Life happens..!