Heroes in Crises: Some Serious DC isht! #Bo0gieReviews [NO SPOILERS]

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Whenever there's any kind of hype around a new comic book, I try to avoid any prelim interviews, write-ups and general PR about the storyline. Noteably, in this day and age, that's something that is becoming more and more difficult to do, especially with the deluge of communications channels that we all have access to. Nowadays, I could be doing something totally unrelated like watching a music video and I'll get an advert promoting some upcoming #Big2 story! Its because of the all-pervasiveness around modern marketing why I swerved DC's #Metal - I'm now regretting that decision BTW; wating for the collected edition to drop - blushes. (I hope to get into that before The Batman Who Laughs drops!!)

To The Premise, Please

So here's the premise; there apparently exists a Sanctuary for Superheros to go to, just as you can well imagine you'd needed support after all those clocks you've been cleaning and hard knoks you've been taking. I'm uncertain whether this is an alternate timeline story, or how long the Sanctuary has been in existence. Whatever the case is, the Sanctuary has certainly been around for some time. However there's been a murder...thing is, you don't know this until later on in the story (that's not a spoiler)! The yarn begins with some frankly, excellent pacing. We find Booster Gold, who seems to be cold chillin' in a backwater cafe, having a coffee; on closer inspection, he looks like he's been through the wringer. Just as he's about to chow down, guess who walks in, ready to #KnuckleUp? Well if it isn't, the one, the only #HarleyQuinn and she makes no bones about what she's come there to do.

The page layout is gorgeous. Enter The Quinn!

Now, whilst I consider myself a comic book veteran, to give y'all some perspective; at first glance this match up seemed akin to a David vs Goliath (or #Batman vs. Random Punk) scenario. I don't remember much about Booster Gold, but when I read him back in the 90's, he could shoot beams, had the power of flight and was pretty invulnerable. It doesn't seem like much has changed. So why therefore, would Ms Quinn want to throw pebbles at a castle wall in the hopes of knocking it down? Well the revelation of that comes far later and is one of the most juicy reveals I've read in a minute!

Not really looking unhinged at all!

Bring Da Ruckus

Whilst Harley is bringing the ruckus to Booster, the story's interspersed with candid camera interviews of 'super heroes' who have decided to check themselves in to Sanctuary. Without any backstory to give you, the name pretty much explains what the dweling is for! However cut between these scenes and Booster and Harley's altercation the Trinity are each, moving at break-neck speed, via superpowered flight or mechanised transportation, to get somewhere fast. Indeed the book opens with the eponymous Superman breaking the sound barrier to get somewhere; it's only later you realise that they are each, making their way to Sancturary where something gruesome and heinous has taken place...

Man's not mincing about, he's in a rush. The squad looking gorgeous

The series will be based on what happened there, what happens next and why Harley sought to seek out and murderise Booster Gold.

What happens in this premier (and premium priced) book is so mindblowing that there's no way that this story happens in the regular cannon of DC Comics. However with the multiple iterations of every character out there, the #BigTwo may be beginning a cull (#Spidergeddon - excluded, of course)!

How do you Fight Injustice?

When vengeance doesn't stop injustice, what next?

This book is phenomenal. The gorgeous art, the way in which its so cleverly written and the Agatha Christie style murder-mystery is awesomely put together. The words quoted by Batman above are poignant and illustrative of a much wider, philosophical concern within comics (and the world) itself.

5/5 🕺🏿 #Bo0gieReviews #Comics

R. I. E. P #StanLee

At time of writing, issue two is already out and whilst I can't wait to sink my teeth into it, I have to take a minute to pay my respects to Stan "the man" Lee. If you're here, you already know who he is; who he's responsible for creating and why his loss is felt across the world like a tremour in The Force. I wish him a peaceful journey home through the cosmos. May he spread his tales further throughout the Universe.


Excelsior Muthaufckas!!!


I was planning on hitting my local shop today anyway, so I just got back & picked up these first two issues based on your input! Hopefully I’ll give them a read tonight!

Excellent! Feedback your thoughts 👍🏾

This is a good one. King is taking DC down some very dark paths. Good stuff!

🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 #nuffsaid

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