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Many of us have been in that situation, knowing that you will be drinking or otherwise intoxicated start with the plan to get some sober transportation home.

At the same time, those weekend nights wind up being, simultaneously a headache and a blessing to have so many intoxicated people looking for a ride home after a party.

Now, Uber has decided to develop an AI system that can detect the level of intoxication of the passengers. Those interested can read over the patent.

As it stands, Uber already has had its share of scandals, from assaults, sexual assaults, over charging, among others.

That makes the implementation of this technology somewhat troublesome.

While there are some arguable benefits to the drivers and even to the safety of the passengers, because Uber drivers face far less scrutiny than cab drivers, that gives a power to the drivers that many would argue is undue and puts more passengers at risk than it helps.

Consider the prospect of the unscrupulous driver will now have the ability to better determine if a person might be intoxicated to the point where they might be more easily victimized.

What are your thoughts?

Do you see this technology as something positive or negative, or more nuanced?

Let's discuss in the comments below

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Great post, too bad I fell asleep reading the patent's information lol #foodcoma

I really couldn't understand how this would be possible. The quickest things I would be worried is if it was recording based off your location it could pretty accurately guess how long you were at a bar because it's recording your location all times? Track how many different bars you hit that night. Most of the patent seems to start tracking after you first request the service.

So if it only starts doing the detection after you request service, just by the speed of your movement or maybe the level of sway detected by the phone's accelerometer. Then ok? I'll just order and leave on a flat surface so that it won't be stopping me from getting home safely.

Seems like a good attempt to help out the drivers not looking for crazies but still seems hard to pull off accurately without discriminating against the very people the company was trying to make business off in the first place (I understand that it's not the only reason - but it is a giant helpful option to have a safe ride home without breaking the bank)


Really, the article isn't even that clear on that much.

It's not clear if this is something that the app is reporting to the driver, or something that's part of the camera software....

There's also the issue of people with, for example, Parkinsons, where they will have difficulty with movement that could be taken as inebriation.

It seems by being vague, they can test the waters as to how people would receive the idea.


Yeah great point, personally I already assume the worse as far as how much information is accessible to them. What they do with it is where we really don't know. I know you can find just about anything on the dark web ;)

Even in other circles there's probably more of our information being sold depending on what companies/gov projects need. Just look at what's happened to Facebook - there are some employees that left after realizing they created a monster of algorithms through the use of our divulged information..