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Best regards, dear community!


Although I learned in a forced way based on the trial and error in recent years, I have furrowed all kinds of jobs on the web looking for the golden dream of every freelance, having a high income, not having a boss and living on liabilities to do what You want from home.


I went from freelance programmer, web designer, freelance CAD infrastructure designer, spent hours in front of faucets withdrawing dogecoin, bitcoins, ethereum, I did mining from vps, selling VPNs, doing forex since I have poor level of investment, trading with Crypto currencies, bots for performing repetitive tasks, take time to referral system to traffic exchange sites, monetized links, monetized blogs, video blogs, dropshipping, editor, translator, tester of commercial products, embed code in web pages to mine, I did surveys when it was profitable before all the region settings applied by google in cookies all over the net, I did captchas, I did courses for sale, everything really everything they usually tell you about "work from home!" "Earn 500 dollars a month!" "proof of payment" "I have a job that really works", or "earn 10 to 5 dollars a day", I published on social networks that generated income, sold high quality photos for use without copyright, make PTC or Pay to click , CPC, CTR, CPA, CPM, CPV, CPL, acronyms that refer only to payment systems that reward through advertisements or visits. I went through all kinds of deceptions that do pay but not enough to achieve autonomy that was what I was looking for.


If it is true that they pay, they will not necessarily give you what they promise, many of these offers or users if they do not end up becoming ponzi schemes, they end up being time scams, since those who promise this type of work are the ones who really earn monetizing for producing the video or end up making you referred to something that is massively uncertain. And this is functional, some will say, that then they will want to make only monetized videos, but it happens that there are people who do not have the time to work the public or fanaticated in one of these portals, will eventually have to look for them directly and this in the real world where you must pay and the deadlines do not wait for you, it makes it stop making sense or cease to be profitable, for the simple fact that you will not cover the number of individuals for whom it would be profitable to do so.


Remember that every offer that shines on the internet is not necessarily gold and if it looks like gold, it is assumed to be false or scam, the reality is that what works is what it takes, what requires high investment and what it demands. effort without rewards in the short term and sometimes medium term, "working from home" is of course possible, but the correct answers that we must consider are that, we are individuals with immediate financial needs, that if we seek economic independence we will need that the time that we dedicate to this work be rewarded in such a way that it covers these needs to be able to continue doing the task and we will also need to generate an extra income that motivates us or engages us so that all this is worthwhile.

Personal Time

Obviously, for the majority of these tasks that I have done, I distilled a series of services that really pay me today and are highly profitable, since I have verified it because I have dedicated a lot of time. In addition to having invested enough to tell them that they are long-term projects, but I confess that I am about to finance my first vehicle, by myself.

Vehicle offroad.png

In exchange for this information I will only ask you to support my content motivating my earnings, it does not require effort, making my referral is a form of thanks, in return you receive a synthesis of experience that cost me hours, days and a couple of years in the event horizon, so you will not waste time if you dedicate yours to the following links.

These are the portals that I usually turn to, I will indicate how these services were financed and this is what really worked for me, in the following order:

The main service, which the base that generates the most income, is cloud mining:

According to Wikipedia :

Cloud mining is the cryptocurrency mining process that uses remote data processing centers with a shared processing power.

This type of cloud mining allows common users to mine bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies without the need to physically possess the hardware that works as a means of production for the authentication of blockchain transactions.

Everything happens remotely, for the cost of a percentage that will be charged to keep your equipment ready and operational to work, earning both you and the company.

Control Panel Capture:


Click here to register and access the "Eobot" mining cloud

The routine is simple within the web in the panel or the blue strip, there is a bullet called "Products" within it an option called "Faucet" she will allow you to solve two "Captchas" that will generate a small amount in cents , enough for you to buy with the subscriber, power of the contract of 6.0 for 10 years in the panel where the option of "Exchange" is, this you must do once every 24.

Then in "mining:" choose the option "diversify" will take you to another interface where you will be able to select through the checkboxes or boxes your mining strategy, mine is as follows, I choose within that selection interface, BTC or Bitcoin, Litecoin or LTC and finally undermine GHS 6.0, making sure that it has been marked with the approval sign, I click on the "save" button and then go to the main screen through the bullet of the blue strip called "Account", this will It will allow you to mine the selected coins and your base power for one-hour shifts automatically for 10 years, so you will only have to worry about continuing to buy and invest until you accumulate a May sum to which you invested and are satisfied. As for withdraw.

You can on the other hand boost the amount of power you need to mine, faster and thus be able to withdraw in the near future, generating cryptocurrencies with the following telegram bots that I will share with you, consist of visiting ads, until reaching the minimum withdrawal to deposit it in Eobot and buy more GHS 6.0 contracts for 10 years.

If you don't have a telegram yet:

Click me and access the Telegram download page

Once you have Telegram installed on your phone, computer, laptop or desktop computer, access these five ad visit bots, which once reached the minimum withdrawal and minimum deposit of "Eobot" will help you refinance your project of short-term mining.

These are the bots that I usually use from telegram:

Click me and access "Bitcoin Telegram Faucet"

Click me and access "Litecoin Telegram Faucet"

Click me and access "Dogecoin Telegram Faucet"

Click me and access "BitcoinCash Telegram Faucet"

Click me and access "Zcash Telegram Faucet"

At the end, be satisfied with your accumulated, if you want to convert your earnings in cryptocurrencies to bolivars, pesos, pounds, you can turn to these exchange houses, for bolivars directly to national banks use "give me click and access" that allows me to receive by transfer the amount I buy "give me click and access Local Bitcoins" exchange house that allows me to trade My cryptocurrencies in the rest of national currencies from anywhere in the world to any public or private bank, 24 hours 7 days a week.

Prosperity and long life, wishes you @bluenarcolepsy

If I have aroused your interest and this post has been useful, you can leave your vote. Thanks in advance for dedicating a little of your time, Luck!

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Post data:

Everything mentioned above requires patience especially if you plan to invest and what you generate at the beginning is nothing more than feed the computing capacity of your accounts, the intention is that in the near future you can enjoy it without spending time with others hard work, as a result of your effort, you only take care of withdrawing what has been generated, in the purest style of a pension that will help you invest time in other projects with equal or more potential, in no way this has to replace a current job because it is a Long or medium-term project depending on how much you generate with telegram faucets or bots and how many mining contracts you buy in mining services.

If, unlike the average, you have the possibility of investing huge or medium amounts of money, the return of what you spend will be faster and faster, I know of colleagues who have spent more than 700 US dollars in calculation capacity and after 8 months have passed by far, returning a fixed profit of up to $ 32 per month depending on the value of bitcoin when withdrawing because this also matters, in addition to being contracts that will constantly return what you invested for ten years as stipulated, the return on investment statistics or "ROI" for its acronym is, for every 100% deposited you get 250% to 300% within 10 years.

Not counting your ability to count referrals that could triple your net profit and that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin that have a more valuable future projection than now.

All images have been downloaded from Pixabay


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