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Sleep. I've always had a sleep problem. I haven't wanted to sleep since I know myself. I remember my childhood. When we are children we have our obligatory portion of sleep.

It was the torment of my childhood and that's not because I didn't like sleeping!

What a pleasure, especially on hot summer days, to get into a clean bed that smells of wildflowers. That's how it was with my grandmother. There were wildflowers in the house and the mattress was filled with dry grass.

And yet, I was unhappy whenever I was sent to bed. For the simple reason that applies to each of you, I think, because we didn't have enough time to play!

Oh, happy days! How fast they passed...

Now I want to sleep. I mean when I choose to sleep I would like to put my head on the pillow and fall asleep immediately. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

I don't want to fall asleep immediately because sleep is very important for health. There are so many important things for health that I don't do ...

I just want to run away from my thoughts! In the silence of the bedroom and in the absence of sleep all dark thoughts come over me.

If in my youth the thoughts were positive and full of promise, now they are gloomy and without perspective. Rather they have an unpleasant view and very close end.

If I can't fight the thoughts of the night, at least the day saves me. I found an antidote to my pessimism.

The beauty that surrounds us ...

In the yard, the sun's rays creeping through the leaves.



I have a yard as small as a cup. I am amazed at how many flowers can fit and how much joy each of them brings me.



A flower cure every morning manages to erase all black thoughts ... or almost all of them.


When the flowers, nature fails, I have one last weapon. A deadly weapon against unhappiness.

My granddaughter!


That means happiness for me now!

This post was initially posted here but I think all my friends, wherever they are, should see it.

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