Best mobile internet for your money

in #life5 years ago

Hi folks, if your looking for a phone plan here is what I used.
Here is my experience with some of the following carriers.

Price $45+ for 3 months
Pro Best Value when you buy 3+ months at a time. First time customers save a ton.
Cons You only get 2 GB high speed data until you are on 2g 3g network. If you need a lot of high-speed data it's probably better to buy wifi.

Price $6+ a month
Pro Customer service is great. Get credits for new customers that sign up. $25 per new customer you refer.
Cons As a heavy data user and data $10 Gb I spent too much for services.

Price $30+
Pros Good pricing for high-speed data.
Ok price for ok services.
Cons Network is frequently overloaded.

Price $15+
Pros Nice gift.
Cons I spent way too much and was better with unlimited plan from metropcs

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