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Information overload (also known as infobesity or infoxication) is a term used to describe the difficulty of understanding an issue and effectively making decisions when one has too much information about that issue.-Wikipedia
I'm sure with the above definition, an excerpt of Wikipedia larger article on information overload, you should have gotten an insight of what the term is all about and also decipher if it's a case you are experiencing at have experienced in the past.

First off, I'd like to welcome me back from my self imposed exile, and apologize for being away for so long. It's been well over 1 month since I last posted on Blogtrovert.

While I was away, writing exams, procrastinating about my project and getting exposed to different make money opportunities, I sank deep within, wondering how much I've been suffering from the so-called information overload as a blogger, and as me! I probably haven't crashed because I'm human and being human makes me strong enough to hold on to so much at a time, yet survive!

Information Overload and Writers Block; Two Sides Of a Coin

Most times bloggers experience writers block; here, they go blank about what to blog about that they go as far as asking colleges and professionals for blog post ideas. But then, information overload is the total opposite of writers block. This time, you have too much, too much that you don't know how to start offering what you have in writing.

As a blogger, when you read and consume more but offer or writes less of what you've learnt, you might simply get overloaded with the information to express yourself. You will overly get denied by your mind to pick a starting point or focus on one thing.

How Much Has Information Overload Affected Me?

**I'd say greatly **
Having so much in mind at a particular time definitely hurts my thinking and actions so much! Most times, I know what to do, but I find myself in a confused state of mind because often times there are too many strategies, bumping in my head that I do not know which to choose or pick?

I've been stressed out over doing nothing but thinking and worry about what step to take, even though I have the idea of how taking a particular step works out. I've been busy, so busy that I did nothing.

Ever wondered why you get tired for doing nothing most times?

**Like me, You've probably been so busy trying to pick the best out of a group of overloaded information in your head.

Some days go by without me adding a little value to them. Many a times, I'd wonder why the day ran out without any action from me. I'd keep going in circles, knowing what to do, yet doing nothing due to confusion.

**Now, that's how much information overload has gotten the better part of me. Your turn... **

How Much Has Information Overload affected you and I?

This isn't just about me, it's about you too. You are human, and I presume that in one way or the other, there are times when you've had so much in stock, yet did nothing in the long run. Do you have an issue with processing and giving out information? Oh well, I've got a bit of that too. Now it's about us... Those dealing with information overload.

How Did You and I End Up Getting Overloaded With Information?

Now, this is something I've never thought of until recently. I easily get distracted or sidetracked while surfing the web for information and you probably do this too. My friends call me "The Tab Lord", I'm not proud of this, but I understand it all now. I rarely finish my search for an information before jumping onto the next information I find attractive.

Have you ever set out on a search for a specific topic and ended up on a blog focused on an entirely different topic, or find yourself on Facebook when you initially set out to find an information online?

How many drafts do I have currently?

I'd say I have drafts that should have evolved from being drafts to published posts a long time ago. The problem is settling one and moving on to the other. I'd leave a topic I'm researching and delve into another only because I bumped into it in the process of learning about the latter. So rather than focusing on the current project, I'll do a research for another post, get interested in it, then focus on it before going back to the other. Gathering too much right?

Aren't You Tired Of Getting Overloaded With Information?

Definitely, we all get tired of a not so good attribute, and now it's all about getting rid of the frequent information overload we experience.

Contrary to what I want you to read, I haven't made any research on how to cut distractions and you too might have not done anything either, but now that you know what it means to get overloaded with information, I'm sure you'd want to work, step up and free up your brain.

The Agents

Distractions are major agents of information overload. In fact, I've gone as far of blocking notifications from appearing on the notification bar of my phone. I turn on notifications for important situations and non distracting applications only. I can log on to Facebook or WhatsApp at ease to get the news or information sent at any time.

I'm so sure I wouldn't want to fall sick due to the stress of struggling with overloaded information in my head! It's actually fun when you open up while trying to get rid of a challenge, you might find someone like you!

Then again, do you experience information overload and how often do you?


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