Love me or Hate me - I may go off discord for a while - But I will love you all

in #life4 years ago

How do I start this...There are so many emotions so much to tell....

Let me start off by saying it's my one week anniversary here in steemit....And it has been one roller coaster ride...Such a ride that I never ever expected...

This past week I have cried I have laughed I have made some amazing friends...And I think some enemies as well..haha...but I am sure we will become friends in the end...I can't be angry forever...I am not such a person...You will know that ofcourse if you have ever talked to me...

First of all I would like to say a big sorry...I know I have not replied to a lot of messages on discord....And a lot of people have told me that I have an attitude...Let me tell you something about myself and I am sure you will understand me after that...

I have come out of all social media platforms like Facebook what's app everything...Every morning when I used to wake up there used to be so many messages...I used to read them all and reply as well..But then throughout the day as well it just keeps on coming...People get angry some of my friends get upset that I am online and I have not yet replied...They feel that I don't give them priority over others...Everybody expects as soon as they put a message I should be free and reply...And once I reply the conversation goes on and it never ends and my other friends see that I am online and not replying and get upset...This went on for years till a time that I had to listen to so much criticism that I just said that's it...I don't need this in my life and I came out off it...

Then I get introduced to steemit by someone who said you don't have inboxes over here...just go and talk whatever you want...and reply whenever you want...I was so happy...some days are so peaceful now..I have all the time for myself and I don't have to worry about anyone...

But then after some days I started getting so many messages in was like the whole cycle was repeating itself's not that I don't want to reply...I usually reply to's not like I don't like talking on discord..I do like it but please understand my problem as well...before you criticise me do put yourself in my will understand I don't have an's just that I am trying to juggle a lot of things at once...

There was this guy in discord with whom I talked for around 6 days I think...out of all the messages, I used to remove time for him first..he was so nice and I really considered him a good friend...he helped me out as well with some steemit tips...I don't know whether he was drunk yesterday...he asked me for a gift since he helped...I asked him what he needed...he first said send me a selfie..I told him it's already posted on my blog...he says he needs a gift right now...I felt let me just send it to I send him this...can you tell me if there is any thing wrong with this picture?


He tells me that he needs to see something more and deep...I knew what more and deep was...i knew what was coming..I have been through this all my life...I told him this is the best I could do...nothing more...he makes a sad face says he's upset and all that and now he's stopped talking to me...and then people say I have an attitude and I am the bad one...well you stopped talking to me and I really do feel bad beacuse I still consider you my friend...

Haha...I saw this one post in discord and showed it to some of my friends over should have a read at's so funny...I really wanted to upvote this post and comment but I did not want to upset him...

I really am not upset over this..I found this so funny...I really want to talk to you one day if possible...haha...

And finally to all my friends on discord who have helped me with all these wonderful tips...I love you all from the bottom of my know who you all are...

I will be in touch with you guys even if I go off discord...I will be following your posts and commenting on them and I will never make you guys forget me haha...I will be in touch and will not let go haha...

And in case I am still there on discord I will reply but might take some no hard feelings..just need some time for myself that's it...I hope you guys understand my side of the story and know me better now...

You all have a nice day and keep on steeming....
Love me or Hate me,


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robot) like a dream knocking at your door )

Haha still remember know sometimes dreams turn into reality :)

Welcome to the steem community :-)

Thank you...this is my 3rd post haha...

3rd times a charm

If 3rds a charm what would the 100th be :)

We will Just have to wait and see you make it to 100 posts. I hope you will do it

Yeah...the roads going to be bumpy...let's see where I end up :)

Looking forward to more posts, you got some big attention, keep it up !!

Thanks...I look forward to this ride :)

Settle down. It is a joke. You can't leave steemit that soon. I am going to be serious for about half a second here.......... Never take me seriously.......... time is up. Back to being me. This post does kinda illustrate what I was saying. 16 hours old, 362 votes . That is some pretty good pull for a 3rd post. Keep it up, you will go far.

Hey, I am gonna throw an edit on here. I Replied quickly earlier because I have been dealing with my daughters' surgery on her ear today. You will be fine on steemit. I actually had time to read your whole post now. Don't give into guys trying to get your nudes and shit. I said If I were a chick I would hoe my way to the top. That is because I would, I would be a total slut bag. I am pretty sure I could get a lot of free shit. You are not the first person I have offended on here. Many of my closest friends on here have started out hating me. Like @beeyou for instance. She told me I was a horrible steemian and should be muted by everyone. I got a good laugh out of it and we ended up being friends. We talk quite often on discord and I have never hit on her like your "friend " did. Nor would I because I am a married man and I am not one of the basement dwelling thirsty assholes that live on steemit here. If I say nudes to someone it is a joke. Pretty much everything I say on steemit is a joke. Much of the humor is self-destructive humor, some is mean humor, some is just a failed attempt at humor but I always try to at least get a laugh out of someone.

1 last edit: You should probably call out who the creeper was on discord to protect other young girls on steemit / discord.

Hey we finally talk...I hope your daughter is fine now and has a speedy recovery...

I really am not upset or offended by you and you don't have to say sorry....I really took it as a joke...I even wrote it on my post that this was really funny and I wanted to upvote...there was really no hard feelings :)

I am not running away from steemit only going away from discord for sometime as I need some time for myself...steemit is full of good people...

I really appreciate you reading my post and for being serious for half a second atleast...haha...

Take good care of your daughter and have a nice day and be in touch :)

Love me or hate me,

Well if you decide to get back on discord we are always messing around over at the @comedyopenmic discord room. they give us a pretty good amount of slack but if anyone gets out of line like creepy-mc-nudiepic did , they will put the smack down so you don't have to worry about that shit over there. They are good folks. There is a reason that they are one of only a few witness votes that I have cast on steemit. It is because they earned it.

Thank you for sharing this :)
I will surely have a look at it...
You did not tell me how the surgery was and whether you daughter is ok now?

Surgery went well. about a 3 hour procedure. She is at home with me resting now. They had to go in behind her ear to modify the bones and patch the eardrum. She will have to take it easy for a month they said so that is the plan. I have not got to see what they did yet as it is all wrapped up till tomorrow night when we take the dressings off it. It is supposed to be about a 2 or 3-inch incision behind her left ear.

I am glad she is ok now and I am sure she will do well...
Give her my regards and may she have a beautiful life forward :)

I like the comment I made on Doomsday's post. lol
Is that really you in the pics? You don't have to talk or reply to everyone that messages you.

Haha..yes...I will try that...
Thank you so much for going through my post...
Doomsday's post was funny though :)

Wow, quite a rollercoaster ride indeed. I agree that it makes sense to drop discord based on your story... All the messaging nonsense was one of the reasons that I dropped facebook myself a few years back...

I know how you felt is wonderful without all these modern day hassels...

Haha, yeah, it is a rare pleasure to be able to disconnect...

Yeah..and give all the time to ourselves...

Women complain about Male priviledge in America. I'm not so sure about it.

What do you want me to say on this?

Lol I meant you typically see certain women complain about Male privledge when obviously it goes both ways. Just depends on where you are I guess. My first comment was basically illegible! Haha sorry about that. The meme was just for fun.

Haha...and here I was wondering what am I supposed to say to that...

Yeah I was having a moment lol nice job on gaining all the followers and writing quality posts. I read your intro post and can relate.

Thank you so much :)

Somehow I replied to myself😆

Don't worry, I talk to myself all the time.

Thank you so much :)

Good Post.Don't care what others think @blog-fictions :))
just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks.Do what you have to do,for you.

Thank you so much...I will remember these words...and also try to apply them hopefully :)

The article is great with a very awesome and catchy topic. I read twice...well written👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Thank you so much...I am glad you like it...

Hello Alice I've just browsed through your posts and wow! They are are all great posts.What an excellent start to your steemit journey,you should be proud of your achievments here as I'm sure you are.
You are extremely popular here and the large amount of votes reflects this.
All I have to say really is keep on doing what you are doing,you are already successful! And with a little patience and perseverance you could be living your dreams and traveling the world whilst getting paid in steem.
By the way nobody hates you,everybody loves you...

Thank you so feels really nice reading this...
I am glad people like me now and I am eager to spend more time over here on this wonderful platform..
Thank you again for the really means a lot :)

LOL. I can totally relate to the excess messaging thing. Anyway..

You are welcome in Tpot and if you encounter any 'sex-starved' morons, I am just a text away. Feel at home.

Thanks ghayas...this means a lot :)

Hi Alice, I definitely see why you would want to run from discord.
I also think you would find that at gratefulvibes this wouldn't happen.
But it is totally your call, and you are welcome anytime.
I still remember your last post, keep smiling and spread the love!!
Love you (for sure not hate you).
Bear Hugs from Papa Bear!! x0x0x

Haha...thank you so much for these kind words..I am still in discord but taking it easy now...loving the time for myself...I know gratefulvibes is a good place...I will see you there Papa Bear :)

I am not surprised after reading this blog of yours. No1 helps anyone for free and men are mostly lizards i would say not dogs. Cuz dogs are loyal and understand u no matter what. I genuinely like making friends but sometimes one may think the same way you are thinking of people now. Its not ur fault. It is our action(all men) that has caused u think it that way. But i hope u will get over with it n not shut your doors to others.

Haha..I am not upset with anyone..I can never be.. I think there are lots of good people here and in the world overall...we are upset one day and we are happy other life goes on..tomorrow is a new day...thanks for reading my post...I really appreciate it.:)

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Your a bot who needs to read my post more discord groups for me..haha..

Haha that's totally fine! And I'm not a bot haha.

Posted using Partiko Android

Ohh no..I really thought you are a bot..I am so sorry about that :)

No worries! Nice to meet you!

Posted using Partiko Android

Nice to meet you too..
You haven't yet told me whether you have actually read my post?

Yes I have. I feel proud for you for putting this up. For me it's all about spending time with people I care about and ignore people who hate me. Nobody will be loved by everyone and we just need to figure out what we want and focus on that. - Sida

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you so much Sida....Finally you shared your name :)
Thank you so much for these encouraging words...I am sure you always fill others with your positivity...

Alicia you don't owe nothing to anybody here. Maybe you receive a lot of messages because you are a very beautiful lady but you are not obliged to answer them, don't listen to the people that says you have an attitude, just live your life, enjoy it and focus on your goals.

Haha...are you married?
I am sure your wife is very lucky :)
Thank you for these kind words :)

No, unfortunately I'm not married yet hahaha. You're welcome, I'm just saying the truth, you don't need insecure and needy people around you

That's so true...they just pull us down with them....

I hear what you're saying with the "stalking" from the discord types.
Maybe you can remove yourself from some of the rooms that really don't serve any purpose for you.

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Yeah..they all have their ups and downs..I am glad you read it :)

I didn't realize you were going through so much drama and you've only been here a week...

Posted using Partiko Android

It's been good too..I have met so many good people over here..most of them are helpful..
I just wanted to put my side of the story that no one feels bad and understands my situation...

Send the link to this post to all your What'sThatApp friends as a 'story'.
They're bound to understand + more business for Steemit, and visibility for your blog.

Cha-ching baby, cha-ching. $$$

COM discord is the best btw.
We here are clean and respectful.
Anybody who tries asking for noods gets kicked out.
Unless they were successful at it.
#ComedyOpenMic Entry 1 • Round 69

That being said, mental peace is the most important; screw your friends. (not the sexual meaning you idiots)
Take time out for yourself, watch a movie, enjoy the summer, go out, eat fancy and other girly things that you do for leisure.

Life's more fun that way. :)


Yeah..I would prefer mental peace over all of these...that'svery much needed...
Thank you so much for reading this :)

Haha..I don't have what's app any more...

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a good post, the future should be even better alice :)

Yeah...I hope so...for everyone :)
Thank you for reading this...

Laughter is the best thing

Hahaha....I laughed :)

Hmm this is not good because that guy is trying to take advantage of his help and guidance that he told you but this is not the way to talk with a girl and fellow steemian.

I understand that...but I think he was not in his senses...anyways there are many positive people over here...I will get over it soon..

Ya there are a lot of good people also.

Yeah..that's why I like it here...everyone are so nice...

Because most of the good steemians got a reputation here which they earned overtime here on Steemit and that's why people are much mature and nice on Steemit.

Ohh yeah..that's a nice way to keep people on their best behaviour :)

Con un gran poder viene una gran responsabilidad.

I guess you are saying nice post haha...english?

[email protected] a la comunidad de Steem....

Welcome to Steem?

There is always positive and negative aspect in life, so it was part of life. Live while you are alive. HAHAHA... Mabuhay!

Haha..Cheers to Life!

Why you think about people .
It's not compulsary to replied to all 😦
Do whatever you love ...👍

Yes I do understand that...I just feel no one should be upset because of me...
Thank you so much for reading it :)

Hi @blog-fictions, It's pretty good to know one thing in your talk. But the Internet needs to be upgraded. Not everyone should believe. All those not trusted should be removed from the list. I know you are an honest friend. You have a bright future. Do not decide to quit this media network.

Thanks you for these words...I am strong and will always keep fighting...

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Well..I know you will not reply back since you are a bot..but still will say thank you :)

I'm not really a bot but more of a cyborg. All comments are read and appreciated, and sometimes they may even get replied.

So, thank you for your comment and your thanks.

I am so sorry haha for calling you a bot...cyborg as in a robot?
Thank you for replying back..this has made my day :)

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Let me know what kind of tree it is ;)

woah.... Amazing Girl.. Beautiful Post, You put everything honestly there and well, I am really unhappy about your sad part , though. All other things were just good vibrations. I wish to see you on the top of trending page.
Lots of Love

Haha..I don't know about trending page but I felt like sharing so badly...
What were you unhappy about?
I am so glad that you stopped by and had a look at my entire post...
Stay in touch :)

I'd say you need to remove and block any people who are toxic and not understanding that you have a life outside social media. You do not have to remove yourself from Discord, just talk to the people you feel comfortable with and understands you well. I understand sometimes it may be hard to do but I can see why a lot of people messages you and expects you to reply. Even here you seem to already have very big following here on Steemit... I was wondering how you get this much attention starting off compared to almost anyone else I seen online here. xD Maybe because you are cute. But just take it easy and appreciate the love you get and distance yourself from toxic people. Take care, Alice! :) Hope we always keep in touch!'s so nice that you stopped by to read my post...yes I am currently in the process of removing all toxics out..
It means a lot when people really want the best for you...I do appreciate the love I get and I am grateful to everyone...I will always be in touch and you be in touch as well :)

Such a great writing sweetie and I can relate to much of what your going through.
I was lucky to have friends who told me not to answer dm on discord from people I don't know. I did a mistake once and answered but ended up blocking a guy cause he was asking for personal pictures and info. That was my very beginning here a year ago. And after that I was lucky to find
Amazing friends and they always look out for me so I can honestly say I have been spared from enemies or people being mad cause I can't answer them right away.
Like you I always try to answer all my comments here and my second home is discord so I'm always there and You are allowed to take a break and answer in your own pace.
I managed to post, answer all my comments read posts and commenting and be on discord and engaging... But today I'm super busy and I have to answer my comments one day, post another etc... Lol I hated it as commenting and reading post is my passion, but I have found a balance and allows myself to miss posting a day, or not answer comments right away.. I do it when I can and my friends understand 🤗
It's a great way to do it like this in a post to and explaining how you feel.
I hope you find a way to find this place as Awsome as I do, and remember YOU are in charge of your own ideas and when, what and who you talk to. I'm always here if you wonder anything 🤗 happy Friday. Cheers! 🌹

Thanks for this beautiful message...I really felt I feel that both are lives are so much similar...even you have experienced so much but have now found a balance...
I am sure I will find it may take sometime haha...even I do love this place...
Thanks for being there for me...
Love and hugs...

Hope you'll get better soon. Cheer up @alice :)

Hey thanks...I am all good now :)

Thanks for caring :)

My dearest Alice, I just started following you since I am new on Steemit. And I say this from the bottom of my heart: you don't have to reply to all these people/men. Is there a little voice in your head telling you that you have to be nice all the time to people? And that that includes replying? If you like being on social media, for whatever reason, why do you let other people decide on your happiness? Fortunately now that I'm a little bit older I can discern if somebody truely wants to help me. It's a kind and loving intention and energy they are radiating. And you don't have to do anything in return at all. This takes some time to implement and be aware of. But since I do this my life is a whole lot lighter. So don't compromise. Do what it is you like and concentrate on yourself. Not on others. The people that are your true friends will stick around. Lots of love and wisdom!

Thank you so much for the's a bit difficult for me because I have been like this all my life...may be with time I will be able to handle things better...
Thank you so much for reading it through...
Lots of love...

You are welcome. I know. But you are so young and it's true what they say: wisdom comes with age. Fortunately we have a whole life ahead of us to learn. And: you are perfect the way you are! So be nice and loving to yourself!

Thank you for these humble words...I will try to follow them...
May you have success in all walks of life...
Be in touch...lots of love....

Lots of love for you too, sweetie!

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Ops sorry...
please be patient with environmental conditions that are not conducive .. maybe of this problem we can take a lesson.

please be patient with environmental conditions that are not conducive .. maybe of this problem we can take a lesson.

Yes..we surely can..thanks :)

You're similar to the movie series. We can track one episode per a week. Hahaha
Yes. Everyone can help you about Steemit through discord.

Haha..yes..that's a good episode per week...
I think posting once per week is perfect :)

Yes, It's great. But I'm addicted to Steemit, my target is write a one post per a day. Hahaha.

But, this month in my city is going to have an annual festival. So I spent a lot of volunteer work. Hahaha.

Good luck :)

Haha, born to be a photographer. So, they need help from us to promote this event for Travel. during the festival.... Hmmm.... at all festival about my city. But, only on this month . Next month, We are free. Hahaha. Next event on November.

Thats nice free time for yourself next month...
Do visit my post when you get free time :)

Yes... I'm followed you at all time. But sometime on this month. I can't reply as soon. May be replied and comment on your post later. 😘😘

That's long as you read and relate...
Thanks for following :)

Awwwww.......welcome to steemit girl🤩🤩. That's a pretty good achievement in a week. I'm sure you make wonders here.

There won't be a reason to hate you.LOVE you yah.....❤️

Thank you so much :)

Hey @blog-fictions welcome to steemit, I hope you have a great time blogging and sharing your stories on the platform. Always great to see some fresh faces coming through. I'm currently running a new competition for smaller accounts to enter their posts and win some SBD, if you're keen here is the link -

Yes I will look into will have to read my post too ;)

great post ! thanks for passing by keep on steeming @blog-fictions :')

my pleasure :') i encourage you to discover #ulog as your future posts soon :) who made by @surpassinggoogle . ulog from the word blog/vlog which "u" represents "you" on your daily post :))

Thanks..I will look into it :)

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Where do I store all these rewards?do I need a locker?

😆😆😆Hahahah, I can't help but laugh at this incident. Maybe he would look something like this if becomes a woman


Disclaimer: I am not one of the hard dick audience of steemit.😆😜

Keep it up @blog-fictions

Haha...he's a friend now...his daughter just had a surgery on her ear...

yeah, right, why keep hard feelings for anyone. We should forgive.

That's true :)

Just Viewed your profile, You have accelerated quicky! You have a lot of potential, Keep it up :)

Thank you so much...
Have a great weekend :)

That "idiot" was NEVER your friend hon! He was only EVER chatting to you with one intention! Remember that! Stay you!

Thanks...yeah...I did not know that in the beginning...I thought he was just helping...
Thanks for going through my post...means a lot :)
Have a great day...

only a pleasure honey. Take care!

you are good person .

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Hello i am giving u a upvote and comment plsss give me a upvote and comment on my recent post
plsss follow me because i am following u and i comment and upvote on your each and every post that are come to my feed so plss follow me do the same for me thanku.

Thank you for coming by...I think you should comment and vote only if you see a value on that post :)
I will give you an upvote once my voting power comes back today :)
Have a great day...

You don't have to reply to everyone that is up to you. If they get upset simply ignore their messages.

P.S. That " friend " that was so helpful trying to get you to send nudes doesn't sound like a friend. More like a fake person trying fake helping to get to their own end goal.

Thanks for coming by :)
Yeah initially he was helpful so I did not guess it...
Thank you for going through my means a lot :)

Good post...very hard to know who are real friends are in life...
Its good you learned from your experience...

Thank you...its surely hard to know that...
Thanks for reading :)

You just read this?I thought you had read this earlier :)

Yea, but I had to read it again because wow wow it is you.

I am glad you liked it...I am coming out with a new post today..hope you will like it :)