The purpose of a goal

in #life4 years ago

We have to have meaning. The purpose of a goal, isn't what we will accomplish, it is what we will become. When we set out on a goal, we will fail over and over. When someone is pessimistic, they are screaming they are scared. Maybe they tried in the past, but they felt pain and pain and pain. So at some point, they stopped trying. They stopped dreaming. They tried to stay away from the pain. Unfortunately, that gives you the ultimate pain. It gives you the life without meaning. - Robbins.

I believe that through failure we grow. When we think we can't take any more pain, God gives us more. Through this, we grow.


For me, its all about inspiration. If you have the inspiration, doesnt really matter how much pain you have to go through it towards your inspired goal, there is just something deep inside that shines the way to the final point. It`s like a measure - wrong goal for me will never awake that great inspirational power.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, en lo personal el año pasado viví una experiencia que a la sociedad o para ser mas concreto a mi familia y amigos pensaron que fue un fracaso en mi vida y por el contrario fue una enseñanza que Dios me permitió vivir y eso que viví junto a mi familia el año pasado me permite enfrentar la situación actual que se esta viviendo ahora de una manera muy objetiva y Positiva, lo importante de la vida es levantarse una vez que haz caído.

My goal right now is just to have at least 1 upvote on my posts LOL

Lol. Same here.. Just followed you.. Pls follow back

"What's your plan little man?

Inky: My plan is to go D1,

Naw you probably end up in cell block d1,

inky:No you got the wrong guy"

Don't let someone ever tell you, you can't do something. Chase those dreams! Great post, video is unreal.

Love it!

Through failure we grow.. Yeah that's true.. Knowing that failing means not givinup but another chance to try again.

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