Why is everything in a different language.

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I want to show you a burger that very much enjoyed a few days back. But that is not the main reason of this post. Thi post is only here to achieve something more secretive. Something that I have in mind while you can take as many guesses as you like. If you are reading this then you have already decided that you want to commit your time into this article and the results may be very fruitful. You might not be wrong.

The burger is from a food court near my place. It is quite cheap for all that it has to offer. By the way, everything is in a foreign language on this website now. I tried figuring it out from the setting but I couldn't find anything. Not to mention everything is loading very slowly, much like the preparation time for the burger.


It is a beef patty burger with a special sauce which I am guessing is made of tartar, mustard, and other things that I could not recognize. Along with that it had pickles, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. The buns were nicely toasted and buttered and the beef patty was incredibly juicy. Now that you are already reading I want to bring your attention to the main reason of writing this post. I am sure if you have read this far then you would already like to know what it is.

The burger was incredibly tasty. I wasn't expecting a food court to cook up something so gourmet tasting. I am thinking that I would like to go there again. And I would also like you to know that you have read this article, which was the only reason for writing it. Have a good one.

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