The unknown knowledge

in #life3 years ago

In the deserts from around the world, from time to time, many skeletons are discovered. On the very surface level, the expected remains of local wildlife are found. Sometimes a camel, sometimes a bird, sometimes still rotting flesh of an insect. It is very obvious to deduce where these remains of wildlife come from and how they land up there.

But that is literally the tip of the iceberg. Our earth, as we know it, was not always mapped out like we see it. From time to time there are skeletal remains of wildlife that put things in a very awesome yet confusing perspective. Like I said, the desert is simply the tip of the iceberg. Or was.

I came across articles where whale skeletons and those of other marine life is found in the dry and distant desert. Right in the middle of nowhere. It begs the question of how long did the desert take to become a barren land of sand and nothingness before it was something much more jaw-dropping.

Every day, our earth shifts a little from its original structure and shape. Everyday a river is slowly redirecting itself. Everyday a little land appears and also disappears somewhere else. What was once an ocean filled with extraordinary marine life and many other things has now become the homeland of the ship of the desert- the camel. What a wonderful earth. Truly extraordinary.


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