The uncleared prompts.

in #life3 years ago

I will never understand how can we claim to be one single community and still find ways of repelling each other from our empathy. It becomes apparent that all these praises and placards of unity and friendship go out the window as soon as a member of your clump comes into the scene.

For one, the monkey sees monkey do effect starts appearing. No matter what the situation may be and how the shape of the outcome, as long as one of your monkeys is doing something the entirety of your actions becomes a mere clone of it. Everything exists to cater to that of the monkey of your own cluster.

It is simply mind-boggling that we are so very distant from each other. It is nauseatingly unclear to me that we as a species still find it unimaginably difficult to give up our clusters and our urge to clone with the monkeys of our clusters to find the best outcome.

How much have we really developed as a species?


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