The rat race

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The way of life, where people are caught up competing, struggling, fiercely chasing for wealth. An exhausting, repetitive pattern to reach the end goal, usually terminating in vain. Much like a rat chasing for cheese. The rat race.

In the fiat world, the rate race is a subconscious dive into the lifestyle, with complete and obsolete submission. But could this lifestyle now become a part of the crypto world?

With the merge of establishments and fortune500 companies with crypto, mass adoption seems closer than ever. Governments are debating over adopting or making a digital coin for themselves. Regulations are getting passed around in the houses to find and pick the best ones to implement.

It seems like the next stop of currency evolution is knocking at the door. An opening is soon to come.

With many of the changes, there seems to be an uprising in the demand to get in on the next step of technology - crypto. Some of us have long been here, some not too much, some not at all. It seems far too ironic that the same people that degraded the likes of bitcoin are now bustling to find a way in. An expensive way, that is. It seems rather inevitable that a plethora of naysayers will attempt to do the same.

But that is not it.

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With the ever-changing technology, more options keep growing. More designs, more ideas, more protocols, more innovations. One better than the previous.

The rat race, truly, only came to be because of the failure of the current banking system we have. Phrases like "the rich keep getting richer", and "rules for non 1% fools" have come into existence because of the partiality of the regulations, rules, taxes, and banking opportunities the layman loses on which a richer wouldn't.

With more protocols comes more opportunities. The fear of uncontrolled printing of fiat, the uncontrolled partiality, the camouflaged corruption and more, taken out of the equation. Now, the layman is in power of their assets.

Then comes a new innovation in crypto- defi. An example I chose to further concentrate my initial question. An existing system, one we are aware of but decentralized, open, and governed by the people.

Putting traditional banking in a new sphere. A sphere free of tyranny and monopoly.

As we speak more and more projects get released. Some fail, some rocket launch.

But the punchline is, there is no stopping it. For those who adopted into the cryptoverse will keep reaping the sweet fruits of it, awaiting the golden hour of adoption.
Whereas, the naysayers and the onlookers will scratch their way to get on par.

Will it again give birth to the rat race, of a new era?


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