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Some things really intrigue me. For example, the lifestyle of people that I know nothing of. When we meet, we create a personality towards each other that is to last for a few seconds. After those few seconds have passed there is nothing connecting us except for the initial few words and gestures.

For instance, when you go to a cafe and order a plate of mashed potatoes. The waiter is a lean teenage boy with frisky hair and ragged clothes. He smiles and is nice when taking the order. He seems very attentive with the patrons. When you are leaving you see him once again but this time he is on a Vespa getting ready to go home.

With the very small amount of info you have it is a very typical image you can draw about him. Maybe he is in college and lives in a dorm and working a job to make some extra cash. He is not very well to do off as per his hair and clothes. He seems hardworking and is ready to put in the work. That is given off by his attitude at work and that he has managed means of transport by himself, as uncomfortable as it may seem.

But what is beyond all that? What is different about him and how can he come off as a different person to people he is close with? The answer is simple. It does not matter. It is his life and nothing to be nosy about.



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