Natural zoo!

in #life2 years ago

I have been recently getting a lot of advertisements from travel agencies. In the past, most of the ads were for tourist areas. Areas that are usually a popular zones and high favorites for tourism. Like in Thailand, or NYC, or Dubai and so on. Some places that have been very well developed by the human touch and takes you somewhere else into a more modern world.

However, recently, I have been getting a very different array of ads. This time around they are completely contrary and no usual. I am getting ads for natural spots. To be precise, the jungles and saharas. I got one just now for Kenyan jungle tours. It comes along with the flight expenses, mostly economy, the hotel stay and accommodation, which includes all three breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. It also includes tour rides and guides. Not to mention photography and all that stuff.

It sounds very interesting and exciting. The idea of living in between wild animals and the wonderful ones like zebras, lions, rhino and elephants. Staying in between nature and appreciating its awesomeness. I like the idea of letting the animals be and live their lives while we are the guests at their homes. Instead of trapping them and letting them stay in cages of a zoo.


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