Looking at the beyond for things within.

in #life3 years ago

When it comes to inspiration, we are surrounded by it. More often than not, we just need to look at ourselves, and perhaps, our surroundings to be inspired. Maybe it is your daily chores, your professional obligations, or simply your leisure activity. Everything needs inspiration. Do you really think we do all that we do by default? No. In fact, we are hardwired to do most of the things we do without thinking.

Most of the hardwiring are done through constant and persistent inspiration for years on end. Think of a dog and its training. They pretty much have no clue what they are named but we inspire them to the point that they are hardwired to recognize their name. They attach the sound of their name to themselves. But it was only possible by inspiring them through treats and at the stimulus.

Just like that, we have been hardwiring ourselves with many inspirations which are much more subtle than a treat is to a dog. We obtain the results of our actions and eventually, through persistence, these inspirations become unnoticed and we develop our daily life's actions.

In a nutshell, we are nothing more than inspiration hunters. We have a goal and everything driving us to the goal is the inspiration. Everything that comes after we do something is the positive result which is both a reward and an inspiration to either continue doing it or finding something new to do. It isn't necessary that the inspirations are always positive, sometimes tough love and the fear of punishment can be an inspiration, too.


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