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It is important to make time for yourself no matter the circumstances. Often what lays beyond the worries and noises is a silent piece of peaceful land awaiting you. To reach there you will have to suppress all the thoughts that put you at unease. It may be one of the most rewarding endeavors you go through. One that refreshes yourself and prepares you to face all that which is displeasing at the moment.

I am speaking of a mental zone that is coupled with nothingness. In scientific terms, men are susceptible to acquiring a state of mental clarity than women. It does not mean women cannot achieve it, it only means that it is a more toiling feat for them compared to their male counterparts. The simple reasoning is because the female brain is always firing more neurons in the brain than males do.

One of the most popular methods to obtain mental clarity and temporary nothingness is meditation. For some the meditation can be in the form of yoga, for some it can be hiking, for some it can be a shower. It goes as far as abusing medication, which can, in turn, translate into addiction and the worst outcomes.

The bottom line is that a peaceful mindset can be achieved through many ways and is very rewarding. However, it can also lead to devastation if not controlled. For example, taking breaks is yet another popular method of refreshing a tiring mental state. However, if the breaks are consistently prolonged every interval, it can lead to poor productivity and turn into a habit. The habit will turn into laziness and worse.

Achieving a clear mindset and a moment of bliss is very important. It can be fruitful when done right.



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