I got anecdotes for days

in #life3 years ago

When nothing stands between myself and my expression, like that of judgment, expectations, or anything else, everything that is produced is completely genuine with a touch of individuality. There isn't any impurity in the production of expression. There is immunity in the voice and impunity in the words. It feels free. Maybe that is what true freedom of expression is.


Writing in first-person was always a nightmare. Hated it to the core of my spine and the valves of my heart. And just like Chandler from the popular and TV series Friends, comedy was then chosen as a coping mechanism. Eventually, the coping mechanism turned into Joe Jitsuka syndrome. It is a syndrome I have coined and is possibly baseless. Still, it exists for me.

The Joe syndrome is where you have blurred the lines between real-life and entertainment. You see Joe is a very successful comedian on youtube. I follow him religiously. However, over the years Joe has turned into the character or role he played in his videos. He cant seem to get rid of the accent when he talks or the perspective on things. He has got anecdotes for days. Just doesn't know which is real and which is not.

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