Has the trend washed out?

in #life3 years ago

Were it not for my favorite pass time websites like meme forums and reddit, I would have typically not known that the Olympics are taking place right now. As a matter of fact, I am not entirely sure where the Olympics are being held. It may seem to be a very mediocre issue except for every Olympic event in my history, I was very well attached to the event. However, this time around it seems that just like myself, the people around me also are very detached from the event.

I mean I cant seem to find the same enthusiasm that always comes with the worldwide event. There are no crowds, no meetups, no fanzones, no noise at all. I am wondering if the postponing of the event has to do something with it. Or has the pandemic really killed the overly enthusiastic valor in most of the people that were very invested in the event. I am very sure that the turnout and revenue from the broadcasting of the event has also shunned very obviously due to the low attendance.

This doesn't undermine the sheer hard work and talent of the athletes. It just undermines the event as a global head turner and puts a question mark next to its value in the larger scale. I was today reminded that the event was ongoing when I saw a few people share the victories of their country's athletes. Other than that I was made aware of the representation crisis to do with Honk kong and taiwan.

The buildup and marketing leading up to the event was just as mediocre and silent as the event has turned out to be. I have no clue about the opening ceremony nor the performances done there. So tell me if you feel the same about the enthusiasm surrounding the event or have I simply distanced myself from the Olympics.


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