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in #life2 years ago

I often wonder if what is happening at this moment will have a much bigger impact on the future. Not near future. But the future in general. Think of it as a domino effect. Except, every simultaneous domina is bigger than the last with the first being only a few millimeters big. The small one can be gushed by the wind, pushed by an insect, or fall from the earth's natural shaking.
When and if the dominos are designed in corresponding sizes, then the entire trail of increasing in size dominos will begin to crash because of the previous domino. It isn't hard to assume that each moment has its significance. What if a time traveler went to the past and moved a chair in the senate. That could possibly cause the entire future of the world to be disoriented and different than ours.

I want you to look into the "Wrong turn that cost a million lives". It is a real story of how a war broke out because of one single wrong turn from a car. The dominos began cascading and falling apart...causing a war that took millions of lives.


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