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Principle:  A manifestation of humility is poise under pressure.

........original photography and editing by @bleujay.

'Poise Indeed'

Dear Readers,

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Kind Regards,  bleujay

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Long time no see

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Greetings @slowwalker, nim,

Thank you for your attention.

Appreciate your kind reply. ^__^

All the best to you and your Mum.


Poise under pressure will save some lives @bleujay

Greetings @cryptopie,

Indeed it will and has!

Thank you for dropping by.


Aw!!!!! You got a shot of a baby deer!! And it's so cute!! Awesome ! :0)

Greetings @meesterboom,

How very kind of you to drop by.

Happy to hear you enjoyed seeing the lovely spotted very cute and tiny...except for those beautiful ears. Having such poise and relaxed.....that during the photo shoot....he/she went to sleep.

How sweet is that!

All the best.


That is very sweet indeed. They are normally so skittish too. Fantastic, it bought a smile to my face on a dark day so I thank you :0)

My pleasure @meesterboom.

Will be wishing the best for you this day.....


so beautiful deer friend,wonderful photography @bleujay

Greetings @love-peace.

Thank you for your kind complimentary words.


thank your welcome friend,
cheers @bleujay

This is so beautiful and peaceful. I have never seen a baby deer in nature. You are very lucky to experience it ;)

Thank you for sharing dear @bleujay.

I wish you a lovely day!

Greetings dear @delishtreats,

How very kind of you to drop by with such a lovely comment. ^__^

Enjoyed hearing you enjoyed the post.

Yes.....bleujay is very fortunate to have had this experience.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Wishing you all the best.


As always it is very nice to see your wise principles and do not miss your posts @bleujay, I think in today's post the whole attention is drawn by such a lovely baby deer. It seems like it peacefully enjoying its nap. Lovely pictures. I wish you a nice week and sunny days , Cheers @Stef1

Greetings dear @stef1,

So very kind of you to stop by for a cuppa. ^__^

It true.....the baby deer has stolen the show. hehe.....

I could so appreciate how it beautifully illustrated the principle with it's relaxed and calm demeanor .....even falling asleep whilst being the subject of awe during a very brief photoshoot.

Thank you for your kind words and wishes.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely week!


I love the principle and those photos are awesome and so fit with the principle ;)

Greetings @tattoodjay,

Lovely to hear from you.

Appreciate your kind words regarding the post.

All the best. ^__^


MY pleasure to visit :)

Wonderful photos!
I think not everyone can see and take pictures a deer in the wild!

You are very lucky dear friend @bleujay

Thank you for such wonderful pictures of this cute and kind animal!

Greetings dear @singas,

Lovely to see you here! ^__^

Thank you for your kind complimentary words.

It did seem quite the privilege to see a fawn in the wild meadow.

My pleasure @singas.

All the best.


Great principle! As far as I understand, the photos match well with the principle.

The little deer is really cute. The surrounding nature is very wonderful with greenery. Great capture!

All the best to you and yours! ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

How very kind of you to drop by with such a delightful comment.

Happy to hear you enjoyed the post. ^__^

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Here's wishing you and yours a lovely day!


With great pleasure!

Many thanks for your kind wishes.

Wishing you and your family a beautiful day! ;)

How are you doing bleujay

Greetings @teenagecrypto,

bleujay is well.......thank you for inquiring....

Hope you are well and enjoying your summer.

Today....I am working on the upcoming principle should be out soon.

Here's wishing you all the best!

Cheers! ^__^

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