Playing it safe.

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I know the internet is a brutal place, so I leave this photo knowing it is dangerously rewritable. With that out of the way I present you a post that may save your life.


Some of you may not know I am also a teacher. Obviously not a teacher of steemit picture turning, I have no idea why this photo is upside down or how to rectify the situation. But this is besides the point. I instruct health and safety courses, and I present to you this evening, or preceding day perhaps, some lessons I have learned, and paid forward.


Falls can kill you. You’re not really designed for them. Some people are afraid of heights, but I think a better approach is to respect them, because they can fuck you up. Wearing a harness is a great way to protect yourself in case of an accident, but the farther your dick straps are from your beans and frank, the harder they are going to crush through them in a fall. If your dick can fit under the strap, you’re going to have a bad time. Another good note is if your ducking around the corner to check your phone, make sure that corner isn’t an open elevator shaft. True story.


There are some pretty awesome chemicals in this world. Take H2S, common sewer gas. It turns water into sulphuric acid. First it burns off your sense of smell, by the time its to late it has melted your lungs and blinded you. How about linseed oil? Spread thin over wood a lovely finish. Wadded on a rag, self igniting home wrecker. Some acne creams are damn near high explosives, but so is airborne granulated sugar at high densities. You heard that right. Sugar.


Work is had enough without dealing with assholes all day. An even if you have no choice, you need respite,preferably one that won’t fuck you up worse than being beaten to a pulp by deadlines and the weather. Some hit the bottle hard when a good friend to shoot the shit with would serve them so much better. Some times having a peaceful place to sit in silence can do wonders for your mind, and body. Stress can rot you from the inside. You’re only one person, don’t wear yourself thin stressing over things which in the grand scheme are inconsequential. The world won’t end if you take a few days off.





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This was a good post, even though you look like a serial killer version of the village people.



Thank's Buddha I don't need anymore acne cream! You never know the explosions that I can provoke. Hope you are taking few days off and follow your own advice!


It works on skin by creating oxygen, which is healthy for your pores, it also makes for some damn good fiery explosions because of that oxygen creation.

*Burst out laughing at the upside down photo commentary. * Your sideways reality was always really unique. ^_^

My body can't take too much weed does destress but really I have been overly smoking due to stuff happening in the background that I have no control over.
Stress is a quiet killer. Try to find ways to release the stress. Pretty much my whole reason for starting the #freethenipple movement on Steemit. Nothing makes me happier than a pair of perky nips from some of my favorite people. I hope it cheered more than me up...cause we were all getting too stressed and sad these last months. Needed some nipples in our lives, I think.

What is your way to destress people?

Mine = sexy times ^_^




Mmm organic

"This has been a Steemit Safety Announcement."

Love it! This is totally meme-able. Would make a great face for a bot account distributing pearls of wisdom to all the new users. I'm going to be double checking all the elevators I go in now, I just know it...

welcome steemit for your great post of life.but yesterday i am not opening my id check for my some network,i am mis your post.but everyday i am checking my feed for your post.but not giving daily post.its really very difference thought post of life.i am appreciating your thought..i hope that,you busy your working place..i guess its workshop..but your smile face alltime doing my mind happy.its so cute..thanks to sharing for your great post of life.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless blessing alltime with you.thank dear friend. @bleedpoet

Good Sense of humor ,thanks for the advise

Hello greetings!
I had time not to read you.
Very good observations. I'm graduating next year in Industrial Engineering and these tips you give are of the utmost importance.

I did not understand your last paragraph, it seems that you had a bad day! but it's already Friday night. I do not know if you're free on Saturday, but if that's the case, you can rest.

These are not just professional advice, but well thought-out too. Thanks @bleedpoet. I will watch the height above me especially in construction sites for fear they crush my skull from above. Better to rest instead of double handfull of work. I'll watch out for dangerous chemicals because - yes you knew it - they are dangerous. Thanks again