Walk on the path of the Courage and face it !!!

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A very long time ago a Merchant who used to be the most rich person of the town was going with his servant to the factory which he own along the way there came a labourer who was having a sack on the back full of load.

Along the way the rich merchant got hit by that sack and due to the imbalance the hat of the Merchant fell down....

As in that time the rich people used to think about their presitige and pride the servant thought that the Merchant would now scold the labour who was carrying that sack on his shoulder for this mistake.

But instead of scolding the poor labourer the Merchant came up and helped that person to put back the bag of sack on his shoulder and said "Sorry" and went towards his work.

After few moments the servant asked the Merchant

Why you said sorry it was his mistake !!

the Merchant said

No, it was mine mistake he has not done anything wrong i was not looking forward and got hit by him he has heavy load already on his shoulder so it was my fault completely.

After this there was a charm in the eyes of the servant as well.

Moral of the story : If we dare to commit a mistake we should dare to accept it as well !!!

In life we do a lot of silly mistakes and yet not think about a second to scold someone else for our own mistakes that is the time to look into the inner self for a moment because mistakes are meant to be happened and saying a sorry in this case is just a little step forward towards a new beginning there is no problem to think in a different way because in the end its the change that will begin with us.

Hopefully you would have loved this short story :)

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@blazing everyone do mistake but lesser have dare to accept it.

Very good moral to your story.

Great Post & Story!
Thank you for this wisdom.
Steem on :)