Life goes on and on ....

in #life8 months ago

Hey all lovely people i hope you didn't forgot me haha

well it's been a long time again but one thing i learnt in life all along there was a time in life when this platform was everything to me but Life goes on Nothing is permanent Just like Bull or Bear lol.

well anyways i hope you are healthy and happy in life.

Didn't did much missed so much but still observing Bitcoin from sideways by holding some positions for long term.

while only good thing is Halving is getting close and close and sideways market is really depressing you wake up and sleep with literally zero volatility lmao

FOMC and all those Blah blah is getting useless now i think the bias will change until and unless something like Black swan event happens all of a sudden which is very very rare everyone is in anticipation of recession that is also dying with each day passing.

well lets HODL till then and enjoy some life.

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