I Had a Dream or My Personal Experience In the Forex Game

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I always had a naive dream of becoming rich one- day basically overnight, so I was looking for means how one can do it. I knew absolutely nothing about the stocks, or markets, or any of that sort of business. One day I have come across a paper brochure, that was describing how easy it is to make living by trading markets, little did I know I got enthused by it and started looking into it and dreaming big bucks in my bank account. The brochure was one of those get rich quick skim the basic introduction to a technical analysis of which nowadays youtube is full of. After reading the brochure and some other materials provided in the given courses I have assumed that I have sufficient knowledge to become that one or two percent of traders that made it in the crazy zero-sum game by trading using leverage. (For those who don't know leverage is the ability to borrow more in order to make a profit or loss it goes both ways ) if anyone interested you can check it here https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/06/forexleverage.asp
This is how crazy I am and still is.
My first year in the forex was the beginner's luck I was using a trading bot and a strategy called martingale and made a profit 347%in one year. 😎( Popularized in the 18th century, the martingale was introduced by the French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy. The martingale was originally a type of betting style based on the premise of "doubling down." ) But next year which was 2016 I have lost almost all of it 😰
Conclusion do not use margin, do not bet money you cannot afford to lose, be patient, buy the deep.

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nice, so how is forex going for you so far?

I have moved all to crypto no more forex🙃

oh nice, why the move over? I trade almost all markets and just exited out a huge position in crypto. is crypto more fun?

crypto for me as at a time was something new and exciting and I am in for a long-term my strategy is value averaging. And I love steem I also like bitshares even though the volume is not so great, it has good potential. The Crypto technology has great future ahead


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