How Karma Concept is Misinterpreted

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The law of karma is simply cause and effect. The people in the past observed the laws of nature and physics and came to that conclusion.If any of you familiar with eastern thought is aware of the term reincarnation. Chinese, Hindus, Buddhist, if you do something bad you are to have a certain consequences to bear, that sounds sensible? But what is misunderstood in two ways, first whatever you set in motion will definitely bring the result, some things may go against you before it will bring the result. It is not just your contribution that gives you the result, a lots of things take place, it maybe in your favor or against you.Your contribution will produce the result but it is not only you a-lot has to happen, therefore your contribution is limited. This is mature understanding of Karma that your contribution is limited and may or may not meet the obstacles on the way. Because some think that if things do not go the way we expect they give will up and say o it must be my karma or my previous life or so on but it has nothing to do with it, thing either go in your favor or they don't. You are in charge of your destiny. Do not forget this,do not be like fatalist.
The second what you fail to do will catch up with you. That is bad karma if for example in India you may see many people in destitute if you fail to help. Some people argue o they must of have done something wrong in the past life now he or she took birth in this condition so let them suffer. That is wrong understanding If you fail to do that is also bad karma.


Cause and effect is a great way to think about karma. Another simple analogy is action and reaction. Everything has an effect. Every action has a reaction. When we take the right actions and cause the right effects, we get the right reaction. When we consider all of the effects of our actions, we get the most desired results.

I agree with you thanks

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