The Boring Not a Flamethrower Ravencoin Asset Linking Service

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BBT Carter brings you a unique service to the space where the BBT team is leaning into the merger of Blockchain technology regarding information and asset linkage through a fun yet ready to go service for helping owners of The Boring Not a Flamethrower with a digital asset registration.

With the limited production of the Boring "Not" a Flamethrower VER 1.0 being 20,000 devices BBT Carter decided what a better way to help bridge the gap of unique assets with the real world assets through the use of the public, permissionless Ravencoin blockchain. Ravencoin community contributors recently implemented a asset system that allows registration of digital 'assets' on the Ravencoin network. This creates amazing opportunities to link real world assets with a blockchain.

To help move the understanding in the space we have created a certification service to digitally link your unique Boring Flamethrower to a blockchain. Choosing this item at checkout will kick off the process of registering your serial number and providing back you you a unique token (1 of 20,000) along with (500) unique subassets. The unique token allows you to link digitally to your unique serial number and creates the ability for you to then link events such as images and video you do with your device to a immutable blockchain.

Want to know more? Articled referenced in video BBT Carter wrote:

NOTICE: "All rights reserved” for The Boring Company and all references to their product. We are in no way making any claims on this copyright and are only providing a service to link unique serial numbers of VER001 Boring “Not” a Flamethrower on a public, permissionless blockchain provided by Ravencoin. If there are any inquires specifically to this via Media or The Boring Company you may do so at the provided address or through our contact form on

Further NOTICE: All public companies and their logos used in service of this vide. All rights are reserved, we make no claim to your copyright and are in effect advertising fair and appropriate use of your products from available content that runs on your platforms.

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