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RE: How Do You Deal With FOMO Spending, Peer Pressure and Rising Debt?

in #life3 years ago

I guess that the phrase "buy what you need and not what you want" keeps hitting in my head over and over again when i'm about to withdraw and spend lavishly on myself. I understand where you were coming from, my own parents were teachers and couldn't afford a lot of things ... when we are blessed with a mini pile of fortune of course we want to spend it on ourself. However there is always this guilt that if you are doing the right thing.

so now, i play a smart contract in my head .... only IF i get this .... THEN x% will be used to buy XYZ ELSE figure out how da hell to get it.

At least it seems to work better for me but surely not for everyone. Cheers buddy .. just my two cents worth =)


Ha, if only we could lock all of our money up into strict smart contracts to enforce our budgets.

Say, that might be a decent idea for a project...