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Hello! Good Morning Everyone. Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will feature the airdrop results of Staker Token airdrop project.

Airdrop #13 has been successfully completed. 40,000 Staker tokens has been shared by a total of 210 active airdrop participants, This number was 53 Members lower compare to last airdrop rounds. One major reason for the low turn out of airdrop participants is some people are not paying attention to the weekly airdrop rules and for this airdrop round many people failed & forgot to register in staker official forum.

Reading the rules is essential for any cryptocurrency opportunity, Bounty or Airdrop we all have the responsibility to make ourselves informed and updated for all the rules and requirements to qualify for the airdrop. The Dev Team cannot always spoon fed us with information, Being active on discord should be your #1 priority since all upates are being made in realtime by the dev team and also other members are frequently remining everyone about the new rules and updates from time to time.

Airdrop #14 Rules & Requirements []

If your still unaware of the new rules, Check out my other article featuring the new & updated rules for Airdrop round #14

Read More: Airdrop #14 Rules & Requirements

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Anyway, That’s all for today! i hope you find this useful and always make yourself informed by checking out the rules channel for any updates regarding the rules.

Thank you for reading…..


This News Entry is a personal opinion and not directly from Staker developer team this is a community initiative news entry, for official news and updates check out #announcement channel via staker Discord.

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This is a test comment

The new rules have been changed very reasonably to distribute the stder's airdrop to ensure fairness for members when BCT has just changed their forum rules.
The admin team works very well and Airdrop is going smoothly, Staker's value is still stable in the market today.
Stake STR on ETH blockchain with proof-of-stake still gives a good profit based on the STR balance of the user.
I still vote everyday for Staker. Hope we can win voted on:
Good luck!

It is nice to see that admin react so fast in this new rules because of the BCT issue in jr. member demote rank. this is 1 example what should be a project to be. active administration and staff. Staker token is Proof-of-stake smart contract first in Ethereum platform. you can earn a stake without opening you wallet daily. and Staker also running a 40 weeks of airdrop now in 14th week many member received their reward

The round 13th of airdrop already completed and it was successful. We still have 27 rounds of airdrop so it's not late to join Staker's community now. Just join discord and doing as rules and get free STR token for your future. I'm sure you will make more profit with STR Token - an unique Proof-of- Stake token under Ethereum Platform.

@bitnewsportal maybe something will change

So far from the past 13 weeks of airdrop rounds, I am quite impressed with the progress of the Staker project. Its on the right track and I believe this has huge potential to succeed more in the years to come. The brilliant innovation of POS features, Non-ICO and active team & community makes this project unique and great. I am thankful im part of it.

When the bitcontalk rule changes the community impact. Immediately staker team token change rules for ad 14. This shows their STR team is very dedicated to the community. With what the team does for the community, we will support you all. I will accompany you, I will vote daily for you to gradually approach the exchanger in the top 10. I believe the day list on exchanger top 10 is coming very close

Staker keeps getting better with incredible admin and team, 14th round of airdrops us few hours to go. Not buying into this project is a costly mistake, because the project has great concept, one is the POS with lesser energy needed.

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Well, first of all, this is great news, we have no worries about the new BCT rules. We trust in #Staker that considering this for all the users in Discord #Staker #Token channel and be glad for it. Just continue and stay active on BCT in different threads