I got bitten by a sick tick once, finally I got my revenge!

in life •  10 months ago

A couple years ago I got bitten by a sick tick and got tick bite fever, although is probably worth mentioning the awful little beast probably fell of and died immediately after biting me. At that time I was consuming enough cannabis to inebriate a horse, in fact if you chewed on the tick after it bit me you would have probably ended up with eyes as red as the devils dick!

So finally I got my revenge, and man I cant tell you how good it felt to cut the first slice..............

steem tick.jpg

Anyone for a slice???

Thanks for stopping by, and please spot a re-steem or up-vote God knows I need the cash.

Cheerz @bitminter

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Haha. Nice cake. Gross though, I wouldn't eat that. Lol. I have upvoted and followed you. Kindly do the same. Thank you.


Hahaha @adamarie, I must admit it is a weird creepy cake, but it sure did taste good hahahaha

Hahahaha, maybe I should get my cake designer to start making me something from mosquito. We share a very bad history.