How To Get Away With Smoking Weed Indoors :-):-);-)

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So... let's just say you are surrounded by people who would rather you not smoke the devil’s turbo cabbage..... Well, the answer to a covert toke is quite simple. All you have to do is smoke in the bathroom and run a hot shower.

The idea here should be to medicate using a one hit wonder like a bong for example, it's important to note that if you toked a whole spliff this would probably not work. Firstly the steam created by the shower in a small confined space will make a joint iffy and you would generate way to much smoke for the steam to absorb.

My tried and tested method...

Firstly, run only the hot water until you start to generate a decent amount of steam. It's these tiny water molecules that will basically absorb the smell :-) Then pack your pipe or bong and have your toke session, blowing the smoke into the shower and falling water. This will almost instantly absorb the smell.

If you are smoking some seriously dank stash you might need to improvise a little further to cover up the smell. Normally this can be done by smoking when you actually need to take a shower for real after your smoke. You will find that a decent body wash or shampoo will cent the bathroom completely covering the smell.

Thanks for reading and as always I am looking forward to comments and questions. Maybe you would like to share a tip or two of your own. Also this post was for educational purposes, just saying :-) :-) :-)

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Hahahaha awesome great post hehe


Thanks much appreciated this one was just for fun :-)