It's been a long time

in #life4 months ago (edited)

Even though I've been gone a long time, I still think about steemit on a daily to weekly basis. Just the thought that I haven't posted in so long brings me much FOMO but I have been pretty busy with work! Day job keeps me busy and my business is growing so I get a little bit busier at night too. With so much work, lately I spend a lot of my time playing games.

You know what they say, all work and no play can drive you crazy. Hardware has limited me from streaming but I am hoping to get back into that, and more. My only issue right now is I am a bit lost all over again when it comes to steem and recent... "changes". Are my steem still valid? Do I need to trade my steem steem for tron steem? I guess I've got some catching up to do....

With so little time, however, I will just have to slowly ease into it...tonight will be a stream but seems the restream service I used now wants money for a custom RTMP so vimm is out for now. You can catch me on dlive @bitfiend or but just know I will figure out how to stream to steem again! My main game now is EverQuest, and I'll get into why later, but for now I've got to get to a raid. Either way I think I am ready to hop back on this steem tron train.


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