Make Extra Money for the Holidays

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Holiday time is expensive each year. There are always unexpected expenses coming up and it is best to be prepared. It is a good idea to make extra money in advance of the holidays in order to absorb these extra costs. Here are some possibilities for making more income at holiday time.


🛍 Set Up a Table at a Holiday Bazaar

It is not too difficult to set up a table of your own at a holiday bazaar. This usually costs a nominal fee, but can be well worth it. Make either an original craft or one that you have learned to do. The craft should have a seasonal theme. It could be tree ornaments, a wreath or a candle holder. These bazaars can bring in several hundred dollars and are genuinely fun to do.

👩‍🔧 Holiday Retail Sales Position

There are always temporary jobs open in retail at the holidays. It is not hard to get these jobs, because they are temporary in nature and there are many openings to fill. Prior customer service experience certainly helps. It can also be beneficial to be bilingual, so as to be able to serve international customers.

📱 Download Paying Smartphone Applications

These days, a modern way to make money is with smartphone applications. There are a great many "apps" that allow people to make money. Some of the best include Ibotta and Receipt Hog. These are applications where money is made by purchasing certain groceries at the store, or taking photographs of receipts of purchased merchandise. Many of the tasks that the apps reward only take seconds or a moment to complete.

👨‍🔬 Get a New Credential Towards a Better-Paying Job

Sometimes, the finances are in such a state that there is nothing to do but acquire a new skill. If all the potential has been "maxed out" of the skills a person already has, then new information is necessary. It is possible to take very inexpensive courses, for instance, at Udemy, Coursera and other online venues. There are a wide variety of online platforms hosting courses of all types. Another idea is to get a new credential in the field that you are already in. Take a quick course or get a fast credential in something new to provide extra money for the holidays.

🆓 Freelance Your Talent

If you have a talent like writing or graphic design, then you can freelance for extra money. This also works for photography. The only caution about freelancing is that you must also either know who you will sell your work to, or be very good at marketing. Freelancing can also turn into a long-term business, and not be limited to the holiday season. It can be difficult to get paid on a predictable schedule but with effort, holiday money can definitely be made by freelancing.

👩‍🔬 Become a Substitute Teacher

Becoming a substitute teacher is a good, flexible way to make extra money at the holidays or any other time. The hours are short and very conducive to having a life outside of teaching. There are some qualifications to be met in order to be a Substitute Teacher. Some of these include college or university credit hours, no drug usage and a clean criminal background. It is advisable to start getting in the school system a few months before the money is needed because the hiring process takes time.

👩‍🎓 Tutor a Subject Online or In-Person

Tutoring can be a lucrative and flexible way to make extra money for the holidays. To do in-person tutoring, it may be necessary to place up advertisements of tutoring availability. It can be helpful to post these at a university or someplace where great crowds of people are. Online tutoring jobs are also available on many websites, and that is a relable way of earning money for the holidays from home.

👨‍💻 Take a Short Course That Yields Fast Results

One good opportunity to make money is to take a short course that yields fast cash. One such course is bartending. Anyone who learns to be a bartender has a ready source of cash that can be used for the holidays or any other time. It is also a fun job that can be highly social as well.

👓 Mystery Shopping

One gig that can be fun and varied is mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is another term for customer service evaluations. Mystery shopping is when a shopper visits an establishment incognito on behalf of the administration or management of the company, in order to see what kind of an experience they have. Normally, the shopper must have an eye for detail and good writing skills. This is because a report of the visit to the property is usually required. There are plenty of these positions open prior to the holidays.

The holidays can be financially stressful, but they won't be for those who are prepared. Now is the best time to start earning some extra money in order to be ready. This usually involves performing side jobs and even extra projects. Freelancing, tutoring and income-producing smartphone applications are all solid ideas to increase income in time for the holidays.


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