Red Light On Your Testicles Boosts Your Testosterone Levels

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Red Light

Red Light: A Safe Way To Reliably Increase Your Testosterone Production

We are all vaguely familiar with the term testosterone and at least some of its various implications. Here’s a quick summary of what healthy testosterone levels may help with:

  • Fighting depression
  • Decreasing body fat
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Strengthening the heart
  • Strengthening bones
  • Increasing libido
  • Improving erections
  • Decreasing chances of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improving cognitive ability
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Increasing desire for dominance
  • Improving mens’ interactions with women
  • Increasing tolerance for risk-taking


These are all good reasons to make sure that one’s testosterone levels are in check. In this article, I bring to you a safe method to increase your testosterone levels: red light therapy.
Red light therapy is the process of shining a light of a specific wavelength onto the body to produce beneficial results. Here, we are going to talk specifically about shining it on the testicles.

Is There Research Behind This?


Research on the effects of red light on animal testicular function has been going on for almost a century now. In almost all cases, testicular stimulation via red light has been linked to healthy testicular growth and superior reproductive outcomes. Applying red light to testicles for beneficial effects is not a new idea.

How much of a difference can simple light exposure have on the body, though? To give an idea, let’s look at sunlight. Studies have shown that direct sunlight exposure to the torso reliably increases testosterone levels by anywhere from 25% to 160%. Applied directly to the testicles, sunlight increases testosterone production by an average of 200%. That doesn’t mean red light exposure produces the same results, it’s just an illustration of what light can potentially do to our bodies. There is not a huge amount of research on specifically human subjects, but what has been produced so far regarding red light exposure shows a steady, dose-dependent jump in testosterone levels.

How Does Red Light Increase Testosterone?


Red Light is believed to increase testosterone production by increasing the energy availability of the Leydig cells in the testicles. Energy levels and cellular function generally correspond, meaning that the more energy a cell has, the more it functions. Leydig cells, the cells that produce testosterone, are especially affected by energy availability. The more ATP their mitochondria are producing, the more testosterone they pump out. Red and infrared wavelengths increase ATP Production in cells exposed to it. When exposed to this light wavelength, the Leydig cells’ mitochondria produces more ATP, increasing the energy availability of the cell. The energy is then used for the production of additional testosterone. It is through this link that our testicles are thought to produce more testosterone when exposed to red light.

How Your Semen Relates


Spermatogenesis, or the creation of sperm cells, happens in the testicles. The production of these sperm cells is linearly related to ATP/energy production. The more ATP produced in our bodies, and testicles, the more our testicles produce sperm. The mitochondria is responsible for such production, and its abilities can be enhanced or diminished. Things that inhibit its abilities to produce ATP, like alcohol and viagra, hurt sperm production. Things that support its abilities, like caffeine and magnesium, increase sperm counts and fertility.

The quality of sperm matters, too. Things like motility, the sperm’s ability to swim, and morphology, the sperm’s form as a cell, are important in a healthy batch of semen. Here’s where this connects to testosterone: high sperm quality and count is almost always associated with high testosterone levels, and vice versa; one is generally a good indicator of the other. This means that, in addition to the research showing higher testosterone levels from red light therapy, the research showing higher sperm quality as a result also supports the notion of increased testosterone production.

The Gist of the Research


More research has to be done on human subjects, but the evidence so far seems to greatly support the following notions:

  • Red light of a certain wavelength applied directly to the testicles for short, regular periods would raise testosterone levels over time.
  • The increase in testosterone levels will lead to many downstream benefits for the rest of the body, like raising focus, improving mood, increasing muscle mass, bone strength, and lowering excess body fat.

How to do it


  1. Acquire a red light device. It should be between 600nm and 700nm in wavelength. It also shouldn’t be too strong or too weak. That strong looking red light laser on Amazon that doesn’t state how much energy it’s actually putting into your body? Skip that one if you’re a beginner because it leaves less room for error. I've used this one with decent success. To find a red light that you know the actual strength of, you’re probably going to have to go to a website that specialized in red light therapy, like this one.
  2. Apply the red light to your testicles for 5-8 minutes per session, for three or more days per week. Hold the light 2-5 inches away from your testicles. Change these variables as specified by the red light distributor you buy from.
  3. YOUR RED LIGHT SHOULD NEVER HEAT YOUR TESTICLES. If you feel any more than a slight warming sensation, you should make sure the light you have fits the advertised properties.

Don’t Miss This Part


Attempting to explain any physiological process in the human body can get overly complex and confusing very fast. Taking away the complexities for the sake of a concise, actionable piece of advice creates the same potential problems as any other simplification. It’s important to remember there are nuances that are not present for the sake of utility. If you’re going to change up any variables when you experiment with your body, then you should research possible implications of that change on the final result.


Nice post! Does this also work for women? Meaning, would shinning red light on one's vagina would increase estrogen production?

This is a good question! To say that one would shine light on her vagina might be misleading, depending on who you're talking to. It's probably better to think of the location to shine the light on as on the abdomen, where the ovaries are located. This would prevent people from misinterpreting it as "shine the light on the entrance of the vagina." The light wouldn't penetrate deep enough to reach the ovaries if you did that. Some things to take into consideration are the distance between the surface of the skin and and actual ovaries, and the actual biological mechanisms behind the production of estrogen. It could very well be a different story from testosterone production in the testicles. Biology is very complicated and unfortunately we can't safely say without knowing some important, specific information.

It's very interesting post!!
Your job is very good..Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you! Much appreciated!

And Blue Light On Testicles Do Your Gay... 8()

I started using the Sota Lightworks device in this manner a couple of weeks ago. The paddle offers both the visible and non-visible light spectrum. I use both every other day. I'm excited to see what happens after a couple of months from this application. I am already sensing an increase in libido which is exciting. I'm amazed how little research there is to read on this subject. A web search returns almost nothing it terms of testicular application. You didn't mention what effects you have been experiencing. Anything you wish to share?

Love it, this is great. I started using the JOOVV light this week, and I'll check back in with your later on how it's working out for me. So far, I love the feeling of the red light on my body. I'll let you know how I fare.

How did the light on your balls go?

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