The Deepest Lessons Can Be Learned In My Dreams

in #life2 years ago

My last dream of this morning...

I was sitting in a classroom that had three teachers. And older gentle man who stood in front of the room leading the class, another male teacher who sat in the class among the students, and another female teacher who also sat in the class among the students. The lesson being taught was not one of science or math, but of human was something intended to help we students understand why people behaved a certain way in a certain type of situation. The man up front went first and presented his scenario to us and then asked us all why we thought that the character in his story reacted the way that he did. None of us knew, and I myself was perplexed as well, struggling to put myself into the shoes of the character in question. Next the second male teacher in the audience, from his seat, presented another scenario to illustrate the same as of yet unknown point, concluding again with the question, "why do you think this person acted the way that he did?" Still nobody had a clue, though all of us were searching ourselves deeply by this time trying to find the answer. Next the woman teacher in the class spoke up, again from her seat, this time incorporating the student sitting beside her into her scenario, telling that student to physically poke her in the chest with his finger while she spoke. She too concluded with a question, "how do you think a person would react and why in this situation?" And even with that final presentation, complete with physical manifestation of the situation she described, neither I nor anyone else in the class could answer the question. It was at that point that I stopped trying so hard to place myself into the shoes of the characters in each of the stories and simply asked myself, "what does God want me to learn from these situations? What would He have me to do if I were in that situation?" And only then is it that the answer fully revealed itself to me. Like a curtain being pulled aside to reveal a hidden gift, there the answer was.

The lesson wasn't actually found in the scenarios and stories at all, and I never did possess the answer to the teachers' questions; the lesson was that for the right answer to life's questions, I will not find them buried deep within myself; I will find them when I turn to my Creator and ask Him.

This was my dream.