Sunny Sunday with the Boys, checking out the Peeerty Naked Ladies at the Quarry.😁

in #life3 years ago

Man I am white as F!. Looks like I need a tan. Im working on it Geez. Chill, I just gotta get away from work more. I dislocated my right shoulder at work a few weeks ago. Still Swole, unflexable and pretty tender.

It took me many attempts to upload my sexy selfies for some reason...
Probably way Too sexy i guess? Steemit did not like? I have No makeup or Shoulder straps...Now thats hot!...
Don't be using my pic on all those dating sites, fuckers🤣


Enjoying time by the water with my boys, just us. Honestly beautiful and serene.

Checked on a few of the girls also... They are looking fiiiinnnneee! Keep it up ladies.😁
Other than running into quite a few problems. Ha!
That is the grow game...Anyways.
Outdoors this season where I am at in Ontario has been going rather well. Spring was a flop but we picked up.


Steaked here and there. for sure @rebeccaryan 😉




I am having trouble uploading so I will cut this short a lil...


Something bit my left hand, swole and itchy as F. Gerrrrate. right side now left...OK dont be a pussy Bill.🤣

Sending much ❤


Still buying them cryptos 😁


That's a simple staking set up. I need to do something soon, been slammed


In future get stung, immediately put tannic acid on it such as, tobacco/water paste, black walnut or wormwood tincture, if you get it quick it will neutralize all poisons no swelling no itch no sting! I find the tincture is fast and easy.

Yo Kimmy! Sorry for the tardy reply.😁 I Only had 5 days off work this month.
Simple forsure! contractor steaks 1×2×8ft and bailers twine. Cut one side on a 90deg then get a stepladder and pound them in 2-3 ft. Garden soil is generally soft and preatty easy to pound through. Then start tying a grid to secure and arrange branches as they grow. Works well Simple and easy. Winds have been much strongerthe past few years with last summer ending with strong enough a tornado which did quite the damage. Flattened one of my crops a week from harvest. We never had tornados, now we do! And often enough. Still Scratching my head.

Thanks for the tincture idea. I have lots of Wormswood around my property. And A huge blackwalnt my grandfather planted at my parents when he move to the area. Heres a Funny one! He was not a gardner but loved walnuts and wanted to plant his own walnut tree so he got one. 15years later he found out it was blackwalnt. Definately not the best for eating. Lol. Now we get garbage cans full in the fall. Squirrel's love em🤣

Makes sense the iodine and stuff within the husk should help. Thanks for looking out! Your a doll😘

Btw your plants look smasing! Keep it up you will haul very nice @kimmysomelove. Thanks for the update


Happiest experienced (Ever...well almost) without a high.


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