Space training...😀👍

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Pic from the Montreal Cosmodome.


My Nephew and I had a mission to Mars. And were among the first to arrive!
900+ days before the return trip. Did you bring your toothbrush?
Will mommy be there?
Sorry bud, you will be 8 years old before you get to see your mom again...
Noooooo! 😭 I wanna go home!...

Ok, Ok. Ok big guy its only a 45 minute trip...
You promise uncle Bill? Yes geez, We are going to mars.


Even the believers...Try not to giggle🤣


A special suit!😉 To the moon and back. Right☺👍


And the moon rock they brought "home" from the "Moon" 🤣

Back to the training centre. This was fun!

Moon training day with the Nephew. Was Excellent!

Do you have your training?


What would I do?
Not give up.
Load up on LINK.
Everything is and was ultimately for him. Last in your lineage and if you do this correctly, he will have everything he needs to thrive and carry forward.

😀 whats up Becca! been a while. Excellent to hear from you...
Im not giving up. I stuck to my plan and was regularly accumulating crypto heavy through the bear lows and I still am.
I do like the Chainlink project and realize it could be signifigant. However Yesterday I did trade some profits for ETH, Obviously another project I like alot.

Today At $2.98 I started limping back in to LINK and bought a small chunk back with my weekly fiat.😊
I expect a more severe short term price dip after the run up and listing, but I am not confidant. With wind hitting the sails It could run more 🤔. Hedging my bets a little either way.

On another note... the day after my nephew went home. We had a blast BTW... Museums, go carting, nerf hero, batting cages, parks, fishing, camping. Woo Hoo

Then I dislocated my right sholder at work and spent 13hrs waiting in emerg.🤕 Missed the Bitcoin run up and messed up a few trades.
The Company insisted I was back on BS modified duty the next day. They cut a shift in Jan and let 60 people go permanently so I don't have much choice for now.

I am still working towards some things outside that shit hole, for now...Back on nights tonight. Argh!

Thanks for checking in, I hope to hear from you more.
Can ya tell I Missed you like crazy. Lol
X is and Ohs Beautiful!

Cool! Didn’t want you to give up. (So close now.) Thank you. Yes. I hope you can too.
I’m poppins serious. Protect and teach this little one. He’s inheriting a lot... good along with the bad. (He’ll need guidance and help.)
Dislocated eh?
Friendly advice:
WSIB...get copies of all your reports and Do Not sign-off unless you are 100 % + that you’re completely healed. The company is responsible for the rest of your “working” career meaning that if you don’t sign off and you have issues in the future, even if you aren’t with that particular company anymore, they still are responsible for whatever your shoulder is going to need in the future. Not good. Cover your ass, keep notes.
Wish I could chew mine off at the moment.
Been through the wringer. X-ray, MRI x3 = discs in neck are fucked from a career of hard work.
Gave me 65 g/day...ever met a Unicorn Bill? You have now. ;)

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