New spot! 🤩...I hope for a beautiful summer🙇‍♂️

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This is a abandoned Quarry once finished diggiging, hauling and pumping. Completed mid summer 2017.

Most of this pit was hard rock and dug deep 75+ feet.
Had to be blasted then shoveled. Once processed material was used for portions of the 417 and various other road projects within a 100 km radius.

When opperational massive pumps are required to run as they blast, escavate then run the material.
Bosco! Im not jumping in to get you. That sheet is cold like very cold! Even in the middle of a hot summer that hole will be very cool, but super refreshing and you don't notice the cold after like 5 minute. 😁
Some more pics...The boys really enjoy it!


Very clear fresh water, whatever colour shines off it reflects...professionally tested 👌... lets hope it stays that way....


Kinda suprised how fast and full to the brim it got. However afer the snowy winter we had and rainy spring, no doubt....

Clouds are rolling in...looking a lil dark.
Well, you got your shot of Canadian sun.
Now time fir a storm!


Since the 30's this was mostly farm land. So the company didn't have to clear cut, much😕.
The land was bought by small excavation company in the 60's for a pittance and taxes going foreward. Then the land was zoned for open pit activity in the 1970's. However a pit of this size, was never made until recently. A massive corporation leased the land and paid the old owner in order to complete their projects.

So....I wonder why?
In the area water levels have gone down in many homes and farms wells ? Thats a lot of water... and I do not think anyone close would have been down with this.

It is big enough the "pond" is actually very visible from google earth and is the largest water hole "close by" like on the google earth zoom out, click, click, click Ok she big enough!
Doughly quarter the size but , way, way, fukin way deeper than the natural bog lake which was 4-15ft deep. Permier drained 20 years ago in order to harvest the valuable peatmoss which goes in to many bags of Promix etc. Premier peatmoss!

Things they do under our noses...

Now I come in.
On the bright side they did a good job, cleaned up after themselves and did not leave the surroundings a disaster.

This one worked out in my own favor but probably not many least once they find out.!

A flower thinking of you.😊
Daffodils are my early spring favourite.

Enjoy Outside! Cheers Steemit!🍻
Keep Steemin!


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