Too Many Plans

in life •  2 months ago

So what to do on a 3 day weekend. Well everyone and their mother is traveling, so that will be a no on our part. But we have a lot of honey do's around the house to get done, and I feel that sometimes with too much stuff to do, nothing gets done. But that is where you need to make a list of things to and just start checking them off. I hope to get a lot done, but you never know. images (1).jpg First thing is painting the kids room pink, then cutting trees, and cleaning out garage. Then helping the in-laws finish their house.

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Dude!!! You're going to have a busier work weekend then your weeks. LOL. Don't forget to take a little time to relax with a beer and fire up the BBQ. Have a great long weekend my friend.


Man my weeks have been so busy. All I can do to stay on top of things is put in 60 hour weeks.

All that in just 3 days? I think you expect to do a lot in such a short time. First order them by priority and then see how many you can do. Regards!

Good luck! Hope you get it all done.