Need for Failure.

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One thing that modern civilization has tried to eliminate is failure. Mostly failure in our kids lives, but that is a huge detriment. TS_failed-300x200.jpg Some people even have the fear of failure, and this leaves them paralyzed and as a result they do nothing. In life no decision is worse than the wrong decision, but that is another topic. Failure is in our nature, just as I observe my daughter failing to lift and crawl during tummy time. If I would go to her evertime she cried, she would be a life long baby, and trust me as a dad, I want to run to help her every time she cries. But I can't, she must overcome herself. My parents let me fail all the time, and at the time it mad me mad, but I also learned many valuable lessons. In fact, I have learned most things by my failures, obviously I am not talking about putting your kids in life threatening danger, but if you play with matches and get burned, you know they are hot. If you cut yourself on a knife, you learn that side is sharp. I teach my guys how to do drywall patches by failure. I let them watch me, and then I have them do it. Of course I have them start out on small patches, but I let them struggle and try and figure it out, then I show them how to fix it if it needs to be fixed. But I let them fail first, then wait for them to ask for help. We do more harm by trying to make life perfect, because lets all face it. It is not perfect, and when your gone what will they do. teach-a-man-to-fish.png

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You couldn’t be more right! As a teacher I go through this all the time. I have kids that are so afraid to fail that they won’t even try. I will often tell them that trying and getting it wrong is a step in the right direction. You can learn from that mistake. How can I help you if you are unwilling to even try to help yourself? I wrote a post about teachers and professional development earlier this week and part of what I talked about was how even teachers can be afraid of change and failure. It can be dibilitating sometimes. I like the way you are thinking in terms of raising your child. She will learn so much more this way.


I will have to check out your post, I have just had zero time this last month do to work, and yours will probably be better put together than mine. But our society is kinda funny, in the fact that we don't want failure, at least we are not like some Asian cultures that make you fall on a sword.


There is so much to be learned from failure.

Nothing better than learning from our mistakes. Failure teaches us that things are not easy and that each fall teaches us how to get up.


Ya, some people that never experience failure have major life collapses when they do finally fail.

Failure is the path to success provided we learn from our mistakes.


Ya knowledge is learning from your own mistakes, and wisdom is learning from others mistakes.


So true..

It can be difficult not to take the time to figure things out so that you don't fail, but it's also impossible to account for all variables. Sometimes things don't work out and that's the way it is. We just have to dust ourselves off and try again. It sounds like you're well on your way. :)


I always laugh when I see your name, it is more of a sentence than a name, but you are right we have to keep going.

Very nice post! Just in time for my life at the moment:)

I just woke up to see this great piece of writing. People sees failure as a bad thing whereas most live lessons and improvement are gotten as a result of failure. Same way a child will try to stand and fall immediately and tries again. The child knows she failed but refuse to give up, she will keep trying to stand up until she gets it right and as Parents, we need to support them sometimes by hand them a hand a support to help them stand and walk, you will then see the smile on her face. I love kids

Failure is the first lesson in the path of success.....with each failure people learn a new aspect of creating a new ....and help them succeding one day. An early help to a failure make them inefficient

I didn't fail 10000 times, I've just figured out 10000 ways that it won't work - Thomas Edison

Failure is what helps us grow. Without failing and thinking life should just be full of happiness and success isn't worth living. How can one feel success if one haven't felt failure? Have a great day!

whether this is a motivational story, whatever the name I would love to read it. and for me failure is the beginning of success. and not daring to take risks are failures that are preserved.
thanks for sharing @bigram13

Sometimes the time is not good with us. Still, we have to keep pace with our time. Thanks. @bigram.

Awesome quote

excllent post

Most everything important has either been by making mistakes or trial and error. Little has been remembered by my success in life. In fact my success rate is pretty low. Lol🐓🐓

You are absolutely right. If we didn't have failure we would just fail all of the time. Sounds weird but we would just be calling it something else