110° and No rain

in life •  5 months ago

Well we have had Memorial day, and summer has officially started. Yesterday was the real first hot day, and it was like 109° and today will be 110°. It felt like when a breeze came that it was a blow dryer on your face, and you needed a glass of water right away. sb10062782f-001.jpg

Coupled with the fact, that we have not had rain in 85 days, there seems to be a lot of dry land out there, and that makes for a dangerous fire season in Arizona. We have already had 4 bears make their way into town, looking for food and water. Yes, Arizona has bears, we have a lot of black bears actually, just don't see them most of the time, unless there is a big drought. Well hopefully we get some rain soon, but I am always thankful I don't have to deal with this. Hawaii-volcano-eruption-2018-956553.jpg As of now, I can safely say that my house has a .0001% chance of being swallowed by lava, and I will take those odds all day long.

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The thing is I think these pretty hot weathers are responsible for the mistaken fires across that has ravaged many people's properties? It would be good if it rained, I hope you're being careful about the dryness of around?


Ya, probably will be less firework shows this year due to the dry weather.


Yeah that would do too @bigram, how's your daughter?

The weather is different here, rained for over 3 hours yesterday. 85 days without rain, I need to go sleep in a bath tub filled with water and ice.

I wonder what happens when the owner of that house gets to find out his house has been razed with fire.

Only airconditions can help in that kind of weather?


Ya, AC is a big business here, and I don't even know if there will be anyway to find out where his property actually is.

Im from Ohio but I have been out to Arizona and it is deffinately hot. It's a different heat though. I can stand the heat out there. When it gets above 100 here in Ohio it is unbearable due to the humidity. Be thankful you don't have that humidity in Arizona.


Ya most of the time it is a dry heat, but we do have a 2 month period where humidity gets up to 60 and 70 percent at a 115° and it is pretty miserable.

Wow! 85 days is a long time without rain. You could have some of ours which is daily for nearly 3 Weeks. 🐓🐓


Ya rub some more salt in the wound.

When the weather is hot I prefer to go to the sea
But the temperature is too high to be sure

Yeah, the dry times can make it so dangerous with respect to fires. Do you have a fire ban during these times there? It has been super hot here over the past two to three weeks with temperatures approaching 40 degrees Celsius. It makes it unpleasant to be outside when you are breathing warm humid air. We finally got some rain this weekend which should help save the grass and gardens.


Ya, I was going to go camping, but literally 80 percent of the forest was shut down, because the fire danger was so high. I don't smoke, but you can't even smoke outside of your car in these areas.

Here is too hot to. I enjoy reading your way of writin

We need some rain for sure and the sooner the better, but the weather forecast looks bad.

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Hello! Certainly I was seeing in the news that fires intensify in the area where you are, so to take forecasts. And that of bears is scary, they are very dangerous and more so if they are hungry. I hope it rains soon. Greetings.

That last pic of Hawaii is nuts. I can't imagine having that lava bearing down on your million dollar home like that...


Ya, and your land is pretty much worthless right? Insurance might pay for the house, but real estate is all about location location location.